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Has your school got what it takes to be a Skoolbo SuperSchool?  Could your students achieve one million answers on Skoolbo?

248 schools have done just that and made it into the Million Club Hall of Fame. With over 50,000 schools playing Skoolbo worldwide, there’s no doubt that this is an elite club, but also one that comes with exclusive member benefits. Our SuperSchools show an average improvement of 34% in literacy and math skills, proving that the more children play, the more they learn!

Every question answered on Skoolbo represents a challenge, the chance to make mistakes, and the opportunity to learn and improve, with a healthy dose of fun thrown in! Just think what rewards a million answers could bring your students…

  • One million learning opportunities!
  • One million challenges overcome!
  • One million smiles!


You’ll need everyone on board, but this is easy! With Skoolbo, learning can happen at home as well as in school. Every answer counts – wherever and however your students access Skoolbo.




The Last Day!

This is it – the final day! Team USA let’s finish big!

Since the first day, you have been awesome, you just need to keep going a little longer.

Team Australia have a strong lead and may be hard to catch but Team GB and Team New Zealand will be doing their best to overtake you so we can’t relax.

1Keep playing!



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It’s Day 3 – Can Team USA pass the half million?

It’s the start of day three and the leader boards reveal that Team New Zealand, Team GB and Team USA are fighting a close battle but it is Team Australia who are seemingly impossible to topple!


However, here at Skoolbo, we firmly believe that anything is possible so come on Team USA, let’s get ready to take on the Aussies!

We are so close to the half million answer mark and now that Team Australia and Team New Zealand are sleeping we have a chance to cover some ground and get more US schools into the top ten. Here’s how the leader boards looked this morning –


Australia’s John XXIII Catholic Primary School and St Clare’s Primary School are looking comfortable at the top with St Michael’s School sneaking into fourth place. Team USA had a good day and have four schools in the top ten. Beverley Manor Elementary are continuing their good run as are Irma Dru Hutchinson Elementary and Melba Elementary School. Spring Creek Elementary are also up there flying the Stars and Stripes!

Don’t be fooled by Team New Zealand’s temporary absence on the schools leader board. They are holding on to second place overall and have some dedicated classes determined to oust Team Australia and claim glory –


Go! US Kids Go!

Follow the challenge – #SkoolboWorldCup


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Day 2 is underway! Go! US Kids Go!

By lunchtime yesterday, children from across the globe had collectively answered over one million questions! We thought that was pretty amazing until we took a look this morning…over three and a half million questions!

Day 2

This is an awesome achievement and everyone taking part has every reason to feel enormously proud. Of course it is made all the more special as every answer given represents another step a student has made towards mastering a new maths, literacy or language skill!

Whilst we are delighted with our collective performance, it is the accomplishment of individual territories that will determine the overall winner and the USA is ready for the challenge!

This is how the leader board looked yesterday –

Leaderboard 1

The amazing effort by St Clare’s Primary School on day one meant that they managed to hold on to the top spot despite a strong performance from Team GB’s Knockloughrim Primary School. Team New Zealand’s Greytown School and Papakura Normal School did well and secured prestigious places in the top ten as did Team USA’s Beverley Manor Elementary. The seemingly unbeatable Roseville Public School, St Michael’s School, John XXIII Catholic School and Yugumbir State School stayed in the top ten but it was ‘all change’ only hours later –

Leaderboard 2

Irma Dru Hutchinson Elementary pulled out all the stops to also edge their way into the top ten for Team USA – incredible effort! Can Team USA lift themselves off the bottom? We think we can!

Team GB and Team USA have their work cut out – watch this space!

Go! US Kids Go!

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3, 2, 1, Go! The World Cup Has Started!

gif 4

The wait is over, the 2016 Skoolbo World Cup has commenced!
Team Australia and Team New Zealand have made a flying start, although the time difference has given them a few more playing hours (as it stands). But it’s only day one and we have already surpassed the global one million answer mark! Fantastic!

Day 1

Australian schools have dominated the leader boards on the first day, although Team GB have nudged their way into the top ten. As it stands, St Clare’s Primary School are looking hard to beat but a concerted effort from Roseville Public School could topple them. The other two of the four top spots are being held by St Michael’s School and John XXIII Catholic Primary School. This has all been happening while Team USA sleep so make sure you eat a good breakfast. it’s your turn now!


Team USA, let’s make an awesome start!


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Day 3 of #NYvsLondon- Can New York Pull off Greatest Comeback of all Time!?

An incredible collective effort on Day 3 of the #NYvsLondon Challenge as these young students have already answered more than 789,000 questions, and counting! At this fierce pace, it is no doubt that the 1 million mark will be reached, it’s only a question of when!?



Staying consistent, the Londoners have a surmountable lead over the New Yorkers, at nearly 600,000 questions answered to New York’s just under 200,000 answers. New York will have the chance to close the gap once the students in London turn out the lights for the night- but is the gap too big to overcome? Could the spirited students of New York pull off the greatest come back in history?!

newspaper (1)

Just think NYers, that could be Friday’s headline! …And if you aren’t familiar with the Reggie Miller comeback reference, check this out for some inspiration!


Speaking of inspiration, a solo student at PS 175 Henry H Garnet is leading all NY classes, with his points alone! A big pat on the back to U.W.- who also happens to be the #4 overall student on the leader board, battling back and forth for 3rd place.


1 student in class 501 at PS 175 answering enough questions to be the 19th overall class!

1 student in class 501 at PS 175 answering enough questions to be the 19th overall class

New York schools are also beginning to make a stronger presence in the school’s leader board, now holding 8 of the Top 20 Schools! PS 96 Richard Rogers has the top NY school locked in with nearly 60,000 answers… WOW! Check and see if your school made the cut:

top 20 leaderboard ny vs london


Whether or  not New York pulls off the greatest comeback of all time, the efforts seen on both sides have been amazing to witness and the teams at Skoolbo are proud of you all. Keep up the great learning kids, and most importantly, have fun!

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Day 2 and New York Needs to Rally!

We’re only halfway through day 2 of the Challenge and the amazing students of New York and London are already nearing half a million answers!

totalizer ny vs london


As you can see London has built up a very strong lead, but it is still early in the Challenge and we know the determined students in NY cannot be counted out yet.

Many of our usual high performers are doing their part and making appearances high up on the leader board; special shout out to PS 96 Richard Rogers who is currently holding 4 of the top 5 places for all NY classes; well done kids! They are also 3rd overall for all schools in the challenge. We would also like to send a big welcome to the students at Highgate Heights from Buffalo, NY, a newcomer on the Skoolbo leader boards whose Class 209 is currently supporting Team NY with the second highest total answers of all NY classes! classes


Londoners have a 5 hour head start on the students in NY, which just means we have the opportunity to gain on them later in the day and in the evening! Make sure your students know their usernames and how to log in at home. 20 minutes per student after school can really put a dent in the massive lead London is currently enjoying, it’s not too late to make a come back!

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Skoolbo is in Mexico – the 1st School is off to a Hot Start!

Many exciting developments are underway with our neighbors to the south. We are excited to announce that the very FIRST Mexican school has joined Skoolbo! We’d like to extend a warm welcome to the students and faculty of UPAP School!


Students at UPAP hard at work on their own personal tablets.

UPAP is located in the municipality of Jocotitlán, in the northwestern part of the State of Mexico.

The Spanish acronym UPAP stands for “The Alejo Peralta Educational Unit”. This educational institution was established in the 1960’s by industrial pioneer Alejo Peralta. It was his mission to support the children of the growing industrial community by providing an integral education – including preschool, elementary, junior high, high school, and even technical trade school – at no cost to the families.


The school’s facilities include: ample green areas, civic area, auditorium, library, medical and dental service, three computer labs, machining, lathe, and drawing shop, athletic fields, vegetable garden, kitchen, and showers.


Solar panels on the school grounds help meet UPAP’s energy needs while teaching the students about environmental responsibility!

Special Announcement!

Skoolbo is so honored with this opportunity to support UPAP’s mission of providing free education to the community by working closely with the highly qualified educators there to develop a Mexican specific version of Skoolbo in the near future!

Mexico2 (1)

Sneak peak of Skoolbo Mexico!

Skoolbo’s COO Colin Brown had the pleasure of visiting UPAP in person last week and meeting with Agustin Paulin, an ed-tech expert who is revolutionizing education in Mexico through the use of technology.

Skoolbo COO Colin Brown checking in on a classroom!

This dynamic duo visited students in classrooms, energizing and encouraging the kids to reach some incredible numbers in just days. During this trip, Colin also received incredible feedback and ideas from Agustin and his team of educators. Our own development team will have many exciting things to work on for the upcoming Mexican version of Skoolbo.

Until the Mexican specific version is released however, the students at UPAP will continue to use the US version of Skoolbo with English as the target language. Answering questions in their second language has not held these kids back from success.. in fact, the students at UPAP have gotten off to a FIERY start! Both classes at UPAP have climbed their way to the very top of all classes on the US Leaderboard!

#1 – Class 5A!! #2 – Class 6A!!!

UPAP is #11 on the All US Schools Leaderboard!

UPAP among the ranks of some of Skoolbo USA’s consistent top-performing schools, with only THREE active classes! #11 and climbing.

The feedback from the children has been fantastic. The kids love Skoolbo and use it as often as they can, which is pretty often since they each have their own tablets!


“We organized a competition between the three classes. The number of answers tripled that day. In fact, UPAP school made it to the top 35 schools in the Leaderboard.”  – Agustin Paulin


“It was an amazing experience to travel to Mexico and meet with the students and teachers of UPAP. Skoolbo is very fortunate to have found an educational institution whose philosophy and passion toward education are so in tune with our own. We look forward to building on this experience with UPAP and working together with Mr. Paulin to bring Skoolbo to all children in Mexico.” -Colin Brown

Skoolbo could not have chosen a better school to launch the expansion of Skoolbo into Mexico. Stay tuned for updates on other new developments and Skoolbo’s international expansions!

The Teacher App has arrived–and it’s free!

Would you like to be able to access your students’ data, whole class learning games, and exciting e-books all from one place? Well, now you can!

Teacher app blogAt Skoolbo, we are constantly looking for new ways to make learning fun and life a little easier for teachers. Our brand new free Teacher App allows teachers to keep track of students’ progress on the Skoolbo platform. It also provides access to Zippy Shake and the newly-released “60 second Slime”, all from one simple-to-use, free download.

Many teachers already use Zippy Shake as a great way of bringing increased physical activity and music into the classroom, energizing the children and getting them ready to learn. It’s a fun and safe dance activity for teachers to use on the interactive whiteboard. At approximately two and a half minutes long, it’s perfect for a whole range of purposes, e.g. moving around in between learning activities, re-focusing the class, or as a warm-up for an indoor PE lesson. Children join together to re-create the moves their avatars make resulting in an exciting class interactive dance.

zippy shake blog

For a less energetic but equally engaging challenge, teachers can select a student to race against the clock in a 60 second quiz. Skoolbo character Dr. Weevil presents a selection of math, literacy and general knowledge questions. Too slow with your answers and you run the risk of getting (virtually) ‘slimed’! Superstar contestants may even get to slime Dr. Weevil himself!

60 second slime blogYour students can learn more about the Zalairos characters by sharing one of the six great e-books available via the Teacher App. Once your students have enjoyed the adventure, there are questions at the end of each book that are designed to develop comprehension skills.

zalairos teacher app blog

The beta version of our Teacher App is now available for download and we’d love to hear your feedback!

Download the Teacher App for PC

As with any new product in the beta testing stage, we expect there to be a few ‘bugs’ to iron out so please email us at with what works well and what needs improving. We rely on your valuable comments. Enjoy!

Kudos to Gentry Primary and Hutchison Elementary as Both Reach a Milestone of 1,000,000 Answers

Congratulations are in order for both Gentry Primary School in Gentry, Arkansas and Irma Dru Hutchison Elementary in Richardson, Texas. These two schools have achieved a monumental 1,000,000 answers to date as their students have enjoyed playing Skoolbo!

Gentry Primary School


Gentry Primary School is located in Benton County in Gentry, AR and is one of 2 elementary schools in the Gentry School District. It is a public school that serves 316 students in grades K-2.

The mission of Gentry Primary School is to work with students, parents and the community to establish a strong foundation for lifelong learning by providing a safe, nurturing, child-centered environment.

Gentry Primary and Hutchison Elementary

Irma Dru Hutchison Elementary School


Irma Dru Hutchison Elementary School is located in Richmond, TX and is one of 22 elementary schools in Lamar CISD. It is a public school that serves 786 students in grades pK-5.

The mission of Irma Dru Hutchinson Elementary is:

Help all students succeed.
Understand individual differences.
Think exemplary.
Create a caring environment.
Honor the partnership of parents and staff.
Inspire excellence.
Seek community involvement.
Offer challenging opportunities.
Never give up!


Thank you to the teachers and students of Gentry Primary and Hutchison Elementary for an outstanding job!  Keep up the great work!

We love hearing what students have to say about Skoolbo.  Do you have a Skoolbo success story you would like to have featured on our blog?  Write to us at and your class could be next.