Team USA Clinches Silver for the 2016 Skoolbo World Cup


A huge congratulations to Team USA for fighting an inspiring battle and securing the #2 spot in the 2016 Skoolbo World Cup! We had a slow start but eventually fought our way past Team New Zealand. In the final half of the competition, Team USA managed to pull in front of Team GB, first by mere thousands but finally by a comfortable 30,000+ questions. In the end, Team USA answered a total of 753,527 questions on Skoolbo. And, students all over the world answered more than 10.4 million questions!

final count W16

We saw some of our old favorites from previous years coming back with fire and fury! Beverly Manor Elementary continues to hold its title as #1 US School for the second year in a row, this time answering over 248,000 questions. We also saw Irma Dru Hutchison come in strong once more at #2 US School and fourth place overall with 147,742 questions answered! Spring Creek Elementary, Melba Elementary, and Fremont Elementary joined in this year’s top 10 leaderboard to round out top 5 schools for Team USA!

top 10 schools W16

We also welcomed back Carina Hernandez’s Class B4 as the #1 Class for Team USA for the second year in a row with 47,208 questions answered! Class Fleury and Winch27 from Fremont Elementary were so close to one another; ultimately, Class Fleury came out on top by a mere 126 questions! We are so proud of both classes for being #2 and #3 Class in for Team USA.

top 10 classes W16

All in all it was a challenging and exciting World Cup. Three cheers for all of the students who participated around the world!

The Skoolbo World Cup is just around the corner!


The Skoolbo World Cup is back for a third year! Children in the US will be competing against other Skoolbo-ers in classrooms across the UK, New Zealand and Australia.

Running from Tuesday December 6th to Friday December 9th, your students’ avatars will wear a new Team US uniform. Every question your students answer correctly places the US one step closer to victory! There will be an automated tally on the Skoolbo website homepage so you can see the results live.

This is a great way to motivate and engage students to learn by answering lots of math and literacy questions.

Let’s have some fun as we join together to take on the world in the Skoolbo World Cup!

Stay tuned for more news on the World Cup leading up to December 6th…

Go US Kids! Go!

US-save the date

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New Professional Development Series

In today’s world, teachers’ plates are overflowing with responsibilities. With all of the demands that are expected of teachers – which include attending mandated trainings – there seems to be little to no time for teachers to seek out professional development opportunities that are of interest to them.

One topic that has been growing in momentum and interest in the teaching community is educational technology. Even though many schools are adopting new technology and requiring teachers to utilize it with their students, many teachers find that they lack a broader context of understanding in order to effectively incorporate these tech products in their classrooms. This leaves many teachers frustrated as they struggle to figure out how to use these products on their own .

With this in mind, Skoolbo has created a new series of professional development webinars, specifically focused on educational technology. These webinars are presented for free as a service to the educational community. The new webinar series will feature topics on:

  • gamification
  • differentiated instruction
  • power of personalization
  • disruptive technology
  • the connected classroom

These short 30-minutes webinars give teachers an overview of the different aspects of ed tech and how to use tech in their classrooms. To find out more about each webinar or to register, go to our Professional Development site. If you can’t join us live, the webinars will be recorded for viewing at a later time.

Skoolbo Success Story from Thompsonville, IL

In Thompsonville C.U.S.D. 174, a rural district in the south of Illinois, Title I Reading teacher Robin Culbreth decided to try Skoolbo. The result? An amazing beginning to an unfolding story of engagement and improvement! Currently, the Thompsonville Tigers have answered nearly 400,000 questions from just over a month on Skoolbo. Ms. Culbreth shares her experience with us below:

How did you hear about Skoolbo and how did you roll it out to your school?

“A colleague saw Skoolbo on Facebook and shared it on my timeline. As the Title 1 reading teacher for our school district, I thought it might be a great way for our students to work on their literacy and numeracy skills over the summer and help to lessen the summer slide. I wanted to make sure the students had a good introduction to the program and time to play it at school well before summer started. I have half of each class every other day, so I introduced it to each section on the SMART Board. I set up each class and teacher, showed the students how to log on, make their avatar, and play the games. Once all students had been introduced to the game, I passed out the papers from the Skoolbo site with directions of how to log on at home with all of the students’ passwords on them. The students were immediately as excited as I was! I had shared with the teachers the information about Skoolbo prior to introducing the students, but the teachers did not realize how excited the students would be until they returned. Skoolbo was the talk of the school.

Tiger Tutors - Early Morning Skoolbo

A full house for early morning tutoring and Skoolbo!

We have an early morning “Tiger Tutor” program where twelve junior high students come in at 7:30 a.m. and volunteer their time to help students with homework under the supervision of a teacher volunteer (myself). The students also have this time to work on Skoolbo, which has been a very popular activity. Every computer and iPad is completely full in the morning with students working toward getting more points toward their certificate.”


Has Skoolbo been effective with your students?

“We have only been using Skoolbo for one month, but we have had several success stories already that have brought tears of joy. It has been a positive experience for our students with Individual Education Plans. Students who are usually unmotivated are now mastering multiplication facts and are very proud of it! A student who loves competition has worked very hard on Skoolbo and brought up his monthly assessment scores in 3 out of 4 categories by a large margin. Our grade school students were talking about Skoolbo so much that the junior high students asked for usernames for the program.  We are a very small rural school district with an enrollment of 141 students in kindergarten through fifth grade and our students answered 212,077 questions the first month. That is a success story for us. And they are still going strong!”

20160506_081023 (1)

Proudly displaying student certificates

Can you share some tips for educators who want to implement this at their school/district?

“My tips for success for Skoolbo include ensuring the staff is familiar with the program when you kick off the program. Celebrate the students’ successes as well as the classroom successes. I go into the classrooms about twice a week to hand out certificates and the whole class will clap for the students. We also celebrate when every student in a class has earned 1,000 points (that is announcement worthy!). If your school begins to slow down, offer up a week-long challenge and reward the class that earns the most points. If you decide to print out the certificates for the students as I do, provide a clipboard or dry erase board for the students to sign so you can refer to it when it is time to print certificates. It can be time consuming to search or try to remember.

20160506_080152 (1)

“Skoolbo Scholars” — Recognizing Improvement!

I also keep a poster that has the top two improved students in each class (Skoolbo Scholars) and the points each class earned for the week posted on my door. It is easy to find on the leaderboard page. Use the “Set Task” option on the Reports page to ensure students get enough practice on a skill so they can master each skill. This is an easy way to make sure they can get enough practice to master the skill and “graduate.”

This is the first program we have ever had where every child loves it and wants to play it at home. The teachers can have an avatar that plays, the junior high students want to play, and they are learning! The whole time they are playing, the room is full of joy and happiness!”

We are so excited for these students and we can’t wait to hear more about the improvement and excitement that is sweeping Thompsonville C.U.S.D.!

Do you have a success story from your own school?
Email us at!

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Cibolo Creek Elementary – over 300,000 questions answered on Skoolbo!

Mrs. Bykowski's class (1st grade) top class with over 35,000 questions

Mrs. Bykowski’s 1st graders are the top class in the school with over 35,000 questions!

These are just some of the 670 amazing students at Cibolo Creek Elementary in Boerne, Texas! Having previously taught in the classroom, teaching Computer in the lab was new territory for Karen Callahan this year. Upon learning about Skoolbo from Facebook and seeing that it was free, she decided to investigate to see if it would be something she could use in her classroom to support the regular classroom teacher’s curriculum.

In her own words…

“Around October is when I first started to implement and introduce Skoolbo to the older grades.  After that, I worked my way down to Kindergarten. Before Christmas break, every student had the opportunity to download the app at home. So I didn’t really give Skoolbo any fanfare, but in all honesty, I didn’t need to. Once the students had the opportunity to play the game, they were hooked. As the months have progressed, I’m really noticing a large surge of students begin to accumulate questions.

After Christmas break, some of the teachers started asking about the program and decided to put the Skoolbo site on their classroom computers that the kids use. As word got around, many teachers asked for the site to be placed on their computers as well. Because of the high demand for it, our technology department did a school-wide download on every classes’ computer instead of individually placing it on one at a time.”

 (Cibolo Creek)

Pictured above are the Top 15 overall leaders for the week!

Check out how Karen uses Skoolbo features to maximize effectiveness and motivation!

“Now, having leaderboard results, I post them weekly outside of my classroom door letting the students know which classes are in the lead, who jumped up 1,000 or more questions, and which class jumped up from a lower place to a higher place (like 28th place to 20th place).  I also post the top ten individual leaders in the whole school plus the top 5 leaders in each grade.  Students will now stop by my door to check the results for each week.

I am really pleased with Skoolbo and the support it has to offer.  As a computer teacher that has a responsibility to teach computer skills, keyboarding, and give support to the classroom teachers, I found Skoolbo to be very helpful with the core subjects of literacy and mathematics. I do use other educational technology games, but my students are always excited to play Skoolbo.  What I like best about Skoolbo is that it is constantly teaching the kids as they progress through the game.  So in a sense, it is learning in a very fun way. My students also love it when my character pops up to Duelbo them and if they beat me, I always hear about it.

The reports are extremely helpful, as well as the progress reports.  It makes it very easy to reassign a lesson where the student may be struggling.  The extra bonuses for the kids is the option to change their character and buy things with the points that they accumulate.  The younger kids really enjoy it more so than my fourth and fifth graders. Many of my lower grade level teachers are using Skoolbo as one of their learning stations.”

From the students and teachers of Cibolo Creek Elementary…

“ I play it for an hour every day after school.  I am learning my numbers, I am learning to read, and I bought a lot of stuff.  I worked a lot!” (Kindergartner)

“ I play because I want to be really good, or the best at it so I can get more coins.” (Third grader)

“Skoolbo is funner than doing a math paper.” (First Grader)

Presenting the top 3 students in the school! (All first graders)

Presenting the top 3 students of Cibolo Creek Elementary! (All first graders)

“My kids love Skoolbo and were so excited that they also have access at home.  It is such a great program!” (Kindergarten teacher)

“My students love to check the leaderboard and are constantly telling me or their classmates who they are playing against. They love using Skoolbo at school and at home. This website gives my children motivation to learn.” (1st Grade Teacher)

“My students are constantly talking with each other about what they did on Skoolbo at home or in the classroom. Skoolbo provides my students with motivation to keep playing it.”  (2nd Grade Teacher)


Cibolo creek elementary School inspires the academic excellence that enables our community to meet the challenges of tomorrow.


Do you have a success story from your own school? Email us at!

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Let the games begin!

Just hours into the Skoolbo World Cup challenge and the battle is fierce.

Day 1 top 10 schools

Team USA came out of the gates with a bang; at the time of this report, they are just about the surpass Team Aussie with their sights on Team GB! We are so proud of Gainesville Exploration Academy in Gainesville, GA for currently holding 3rd place out of all the schools in the Skoolbo World Cup with over 13,000 questions answered in just the first several hours of the challenge!

Of course, we have our tried and true Irma Dru Hutchinson Elementary in Richmond, TX in 5th place; they were 2nd place overall in the Skoolbo World Cup 2014 US vs UK challenge last year so we’re looking forward to seeing them shine in this year’s competition. Go Hornets!

In 8th place, we are proud to have Beverley Manor Elementary in Staunton, VA joining us early on in this competition. We are also expecting greatness from Beverley Manor as they took 3rd place overall in last year’s world cup. We’re so excited to see “old faces” on our leaderboard, as well as new members of our Skoolbo family: together, we will win the Skoolbo World Cup 2015!

Go! US kids Go!

On a Chromebook?

ChromebooksChromebooks have swept the education sector and we here at Skoolbo are working hard to provide a Chromebook version for you all. Meanwhile, students can access Skoolbo via the web-browser. To play, follow these simple steps!

How to Play on Chromebooks


Sign into your Teacher Dashboard at


Go to the Admin > Students tab in your Teacher Dashboard.



Scroll to the bottom of the page and print/save your students’ log in information.

print student usernames


Direct your students’ Chromebooks to (our Sign in page). Mark this webpage as a bookmark so that the children can access this webpage easily in the future. Instruct the students to enter their username and password.

logging in web browser as child

They are now logged in! They can click on the PLAY! button to start a learning game.

student web-browser (home)

P.S. 161: Leading the Way in Technology


P.S. 161’s On the Cutting Edge

Not shying away from the fast-paced technological era that our children are growing up in, P.S. 161 is jumping right in with their very own 3D printer and even a dedicated school app, available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play!

These developments, along with P.S. 161’s resolute passion to nurture healthy, academically gifted students in preparation for their roles as responsible citizens of our world, are a perfect complement to Skoolbo’s dream of literacy and numeracy for all through technology. Just recently, P.S. 161 has entered the illustrious ranks of less than 20 Super Schools who have answered over 1 million questions on Skoolbo. Way to go!

You can find The Crown School right in the heart of Brooklyn, New York.
P.S. 161

A special shout out goes to Carlos Varas, P.S. 161’s talented Technology Manager, for implementing Skoolbo for over 400 students at The Crown School!

Congrats to P.S. 5- 1 Million Answers

Million Club_833x445PS5X_CONTEMPORARY_01

Located in the Bronx, P.S. 5 Port Morris firmly believes that its students are tomorrow’s leaders. The mission statement of the school shows the determination of the community to come together and help students succeed as individuals, celebrating and cultivating their unique skills and talents. Skoolbo comes right alongside this mission, ensuring that each child will have a firm foundation of core skills necessary for success in their future schooling and 5 port morris

Committed to Educational Technology

For years, P.S. 5 has been committed to becoming proficient with the ever-changing technology of today’s world. In 2009, P.S.5X was selected to be a part of the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) initiative, giving each child access to a laptop everyday. This same, steadfast commitment is apparent in P.S. 5’s recent accomplishment of reaching and surpassing the 1 millionth answer mark on Skoolbo! We know that there is much more to come as they achieved this goal well within several months of getting started on the program.

We especially want to recognize Sonia Edwards, P.S. 5’s very own Technology Teacher, whose hard work and dedication has resulted in such amazing achievements from the students at Port Morris!

Keep up the great work, kids!

PS 96 and Legacy Academy Pass the One Million Mark!

Million Club_833x445

We want to extend a hearty congratulations to PS 96 Richard Rodgers and Legacy Academy for becoming Super Schools over the weekend! It’s truly amazing to see such enthusiasm for learning in these children. The schools have answered 1 million questions each!

PS 96 Richard Rodgers | Bronx, NY

PS 96

PS 96 Richard Rodgers, located in the Bronx, is an ethnically diverse community and home to over 800 Skoolbo students. What a fantastic sight, to see so many students and classes learning on Skoolbo each day! The school’s mission to enable students to be independent, self-motivated learners certainly complements Skoolbo’s learning style and we are thrilled to see such progress at PS 96.

Legacy Academy | Elizabeth, CO

legacy wildcats

Legacy Wildcats

Recently, we shared about Legacy Academy’s consistent appearance on our leaderboards, with almost 150,000 questions answered at the time. Less than 2 months later, the 267 students at Legacy Academy have rallied together to answer over 1 Million questions!

It’s no wonder that this school has been able to achieve such an enormous accomplishment as it’s Colorado’s first iSchool. iPads are used on a daily basis in every class to enhance the level of enthusiasm in their learning environment. In addition to individual iPads, students also have access to MacBook Pros, an iMac Computer lab, extremely fast internet, and Legacy’s very own locally hosted “cloud” for teachers and students to collaborate. We are so proud of all the students at Legacy Academy!