Willowbrook Elementary Continues to Top the Leaderboard in the Final Hours of the World Cup Challenge

Students of Ms. Populo’s and Ms. Jennings’ 4th grade class at Willowbrook Elementary in Bentonville, Arkansas, have been taking on the World Cup Challenge full steam ahead! With over 70,000 correct answers, they have consistently topped the Leaderboard for the duration of the Challenge and continue to do so holding steady today at #2.

Ms. Populo and Ms. Jennings describe to us how Skoolbo and the Challenge have engaged their students in new and creative ways.


“I want to let you and the good people at Skoolbo know that our students are motivated to work hard on Skoolbo! They love having time to “Skoolbo” and log on at home for extra practice. The World Cup Challenge has been yet another way Skoolbo has engaged them, and they are not only answering the Skoolbo problems, but seeing real world math throughout the site. The students are actively reading and comparing large numbers when they read the leaderboards as well as watching the bar graphs adjust as the Skoolbo data changes. The competition has brought the element of Social Studies to the game as we discuss where the home countries and states of their competitors are. Thank you for providing this great tool!”


The students of WesPJ4, Dana Populo, and Bracy Jennings.


Keep up the great work and THANK YOU for your tremendous contribution to TEAM USA and The World Cup Challenge!