The Skoolbo World Cup is just around the corner!


The Skoolbo World Cup is back for a third year! Children in the US will be competing against other Skoolbo-ers in classrooms across the UK, New Zealand and Australia.

Running from Tuesday December 6th to Friday December 9th, your students’ avatars will wear a new Team US uniform. Every question your students answer correctly places the US one step closer to victory! There will be an automated tally on the Skoolbo website homepage so you can see the results live.

This is a great way to motivate and engage students to learn by answering lots of math and literacy questions.

Let’s have some fun as we join together to take on the world in the Skoolbo World Cup!

Stay tuned for more news on the World Cup leading up to December 6th…

Go US Kids! Go!

US-save the date

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