Team USA Wins Skoolbo World Cup Challenge Against Team GB!

Congratulations are due as Team USA wins the Skoolbo World Cup Challenge against Great Britain! It has been a tremendous effort from both teams, but we saw a huge push at the end from Team USA in the final hours! Both teams combined answered a whopping 8 million questions in the span of 7 days! We want to extend a thank you to all schools, classes, teachers, parents, and students for all your participation and support throughout the week-long challenge.

We are absolutely amazed at the enthusiasm and excitement to support Team USA and answer as many questions as possible! A special shout-out to the top 5 schools in the Skoolbo World Cup: Willowbrook Elementary in Bentonville, AR, Hutchinson Elementary in Richmond, TX, Beverley Manor Elementary in Staunton, VA, Riverside School 44 in Indianapolis, IN, and Almor West Elementary in Lawton, OK. These five schools combined answered a total of over 1 million questions!

It was a valiant effort by Hutchinson Elementary who was dominating the #1 spot for schools until earlier this morning; in the final hours of the World Cup Challenge, Willowbrook Elementary claimed the spot in a last hurrah!

We also want to recognize Hugh Goodwin Elementary School in El Dorado, AR who was in the #12 spot this morning with around 65,000 questions answered. This school rallied together in the last moments, answering over 15,000 questions in a matter of hours, and clinched the #9 spot on the School Leaderboard for the World Cup Challenge!  Congratulations also to Ronald E. McNair Elementary School in  Browns Summit, NC for securing 10th place on the school leaderboard for the Skoolbo World Cup!

We don’t want to forget the amazing effort by our classes as well!

Earlier today, UK Class “Year 6” from North Ormseby Primary Academy was holding a comfortable lead in 1st place among all classes in the Skoolbo World Cup Challenge. Both Class WESPJ4 from Willowbrook Elementary and Class Weightman from Riverside School 44 rose to the challenge and claimed 1st and 2nd place out of all the US and UK classes in the Skoolbo World Cup! Class WESPJ4 answered about 24,000 questions and Class Weightman answered over 33,600 both in the span of a few short hours!

Congratulations as well to Class Jenkins 2014-2015 (4th place) from Willowbrook, Class Cheek (7th place), also from Willowbrook, Class Williams (8th place) from Riverside School 44, Class 4th Cupp (9th place) from Hugh Goodwin, and Class B4 2014-2015 (10th place) from King/Chavez Athletics Academy in San Diego, CA! Both Class Williams and Class B4 2014-2015 burst into the top 10 in the last remaining hours of the Skoolbo World Cup!

We hope everyone had FUN and learned much throughout this World Cup Challenge. We were definitely on the edge of our seats, rooting for Team USA classes and schools and we are so proud of each and every one of you! If you made it to the top, stay posted! We’ll be contacting you soon because we want to recognize you all for your incredible efforts!

GO Team USA! Go! US Kids Go!