Team USA Clinches Silver for the 2016 Skoolbo World Cup


A huge congratulations to Team USA for fighting an inspiring battle and securing the #2 spot in the 2016 Skoolbo World Cup! We had a slow start but eventually fought our way past Team New Zealand. In the final half of the competition, Team USA managed to pull in front of Team GB, first by mere thousands but finally by a comfortable 30,000+ questions. In the end, Team USA answered a total of 753,527 questions on Skoolbo. And, students all over the world answered more than 10.4 million questions!

final count W16

We saw some of our old favorites from previous years coming back with fire and fury! Beverly Manor Elementary continues to hold its title as #1 US School for the second year in a row, this time answering over 248,000 questions. We also saw Irma Dru Hutchison come in strong once more at #2 US School and fourth place overall with 147,742 questions answered! Spring Creek Elementary, Melba Elementary, and Fremont Elementary joined in this year’s top 10 leaderboard to round out top 5 schools for Team USA!

top 10 schools W16

We also welcomed back Carina Hernandez’s Class B4 as the #1 Class for Team USA for the second year in a row with 47,208 questions answered! Class Fleury and Winch27 from Fremont Elementary were so close to one another; ultimately, Class Fleury came out on top by a mere 126 questions! We are so proud of both classes for being #2 and #3 Class in for Team USA.

top 10 classes W16

All in all it was a challenging and exciting World Cup. Three cheers for all of the students who participated around the world!

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