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Pine Meadow Elementary School: Home of the Panthers

Located in Pensacola, the westernmost city of Florida, Pine Meadow Elementary School is part of the Escambia County School District. We can tell that the teachers at this school take the motto “Preparing Today for Tomorrow” and mission, “to promote the highest student achievement in a safe environment with the help of teachers, parents, students, business partners, and other community members”, seriously because Heidi Chism’s 1st graders are some of the most active Skoolbo students in the country! Ms. Chism shares her perspective of Skoolbo as a teacher:

I love Skoolbo because the students are learning and practicing skills and they have no idea! They just think they are playing a game. I also love that Skoolbo doesn’t frustrate the child. If they miss 3 questions, it removes them from the skill. I love being able to see what skills my students have mastered and what skills they are still working on.

It also allows me to differentiate instruction. I have one student working on multiplication while the others are still working on adding and subtracting. Skoolbo is aligned with our standards so the skills they are practicing are the exact skills the students will be tested on. Did I mention that they can play at home???? I have several students that play at home!!!! Skoolbo is a wonderful program and I plan on using it every year!!!

What wonderful words to hear from an educator! But what do the students themselves have to say about Skoolbo?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us! This class of 24 has already reached Super Class status, answering well over 50,000 questions on Skoolbo. Keep up the great work, everyone! We are looking forward to even more fantastic things from you all on Skoolbo.

Students from Pine Meadow Elementary School playing Skoolbo and doing the Zippy Shake!

Students from Pine Meadow Elementary School playing Skoolbo and doing the Zippy Shake!

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