Shout Out to Mrs. Ebert’s Second Graders

We think that answering over 100,000 questions on the Skoolbo platform is something to shout about. That’s why we’re celebrating Mrs. Ebert’s second graders from Marshall Darnell Elementary School in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Marshall Darnell Map

Marshall C. Darnell Elementary School

Marshall Darnell is located in the Northwest region of the Clark County School District. It opened its doors in 2001 with the mission of empowering students to become responsible, creative citizens who will achieve excellence in all academic and social endeavors. Mrs. Ebert is doing an excellent job of empowering her students with the aid of Skoolbo. Since the beginning of the school year, her class has answered over 139,000 math and literacy questions with 89% accuracy.

Mrs. Ebert's second graders

Second Graders as Super Champs!

Additionally, three students in Mrs. Ebert’s class have reached Super Champ Status, having answered over 10,000 questions each. We certainly love an opportunity to showcase positive student results and could not be more proud of these kids.

Mrs. Ebert's second graders

Keep up the great work, Mrs. Ebert. It’s enthusiastic teachers like you that empower students to do their best!