See how Skoolbo is showing real results in improvement!

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Download our recent white paper to see why Skoolbo is showing real improvement in students’ reading and math skills

As we’re sure you already know, Skoolbo is a highly beneficial and free eLearning tool that helps kids across the US have fun while improving their language and math skills. To give you an even better look at just how well Skoolbo works, we’ve put together this insightful paper outlining the Skoolbo course using data from our user base. The paper goes through the course outline of Skoolbo, detailing the sample sizes taken when collating our data for each topic. Also included are key metrics such as average improvement, average high scores and even the number of answers a student completes per minute!

With over a 304 million questions answered by more than 20,000 schools, students using Skoolbo have achieved over 3.6 million Personal Learning Bests in total. Given the sheer amount of answers to date on Skoolbo, it’s even more impressive that 87.5% of questions were answered correctly and contributed to an average of 28.4% improvement in students across the board. On such a massive number, these accuracy and improvement figures are testament to the effectiveness of the Skoolbo algorithm.

Our algorithm adapts to the individual ability of a student and provides a personalized learning experience for each. With over 250 language and math skills to learn, students are given a challenging yet rewarding program that facilitates success and promotes a positive learning experience. The adaptive nature of Skoolbo has also yielded the mastery of a new language or math skill by 94% of students after a mere 20 minutes of game time!

If you really want to get the lowdown on Skoolbo, make sure you check out this fantastic paper and help maximize the learning of your kids!

Download our recent white paper to see the real improvement Skoolbo kids are achieving! 

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