PS 176 Cambria Heights soars to all new levels on Skoolbo!


The number one Skoolbo class in PS 176 and their fabulous teacher Michelle Liotta take a break from playing and learning on Skoolbo to say hi to their fellow Skoolbo Superheros all over the world!

A super Skoolbo salute is being sent to PS 176 Cambria Heights in Queens, NY!

PS I76 has answered over a half a million Skoolbo literacy and numeracy correctly in just a couple of months. Serving Pre-K to 5th grade this school has over 700 students loving learning as they take off in the Skoolbo universe. This school is incredibly diverse with students’ families hailing from all over, especially the Caribbean, speaking many differently languages including Haitian Creole.

IMG_0794 (2)

Two PS 176 Skoolbo Superheros pulled Ms Yasmine, Director of Special Projects, aside to let her know what spot they are aiming for on the Skoolbo Leaderboard…#1!


PS 176ers winning on Skoolbo with teacher Michelle Liota cheering them on!


These Skoolbo Superheros are in the literacy in numeracy ZONE!

“Skoolbo is a magnificent Common Core resource for children of various academic needs. The students have achieved tremendous success across all academic areas. The learners are actively engaged and able to work independently. Data is easily collected and analyzed by teachers and administrators to assist in the planning of effective classroom instruction. This educational program is used by grades Pre-K through Five. The “At Home” component has given parents a connection to their children’s educational needs. Parents are also given the opportunity to track the progress of their child in an effort to provide extra help in areas of weakness. Skoolbo maintains the students’ academic data so that it can be used year to year. We look forward to using Skoolbo in the upcoming years.” Michelle Liotta, PS 176 Cambria Heights Technology & Library Teacher


Seasoned 5th grade teachers Alicha Powell and Michelle Cromer all smiles after a training with Ms Yasmine, Director of Special Projects. These two teachers dedicated teachers are leading the students in PS 176 annex to great heights with AND transitioning them to Jr High school with Skoolbo!

Skoolbo is such a big hit at PS 176 that teachers from both building are using it in their class rooms. (Yes, the school is so big they have an annex!)


PS 176 Cambria Heights nestled in Queens, NY