Ms. Jenkins’ 2nd Graders Top the Charts for the World Cup Challenge

Ms. Jenkins’ Second Graders at Willowbrook Elementary in Bentonville, Arkansas top the charts and are contributing to the amazing total number of correct answers as Team USA takes the lead!

With nearly 40,00 correct answers in the World Cup Challenge, Ms. Jenkins’ class has earned a prominent place today at #3 on the Leaderboard for the Top Classes.

Ms. Jenkins shared with us the enthusiasm her students have for Skoolbo and the Challenge: “This has been so much fun! My kids are so excited about the World Cup Challenge that they wanted to teach others how to play.”


Ms. Jenkins added, “Thank you for the Challenge and for creating Skoolbo. This is a great practice for literacy and numeracy, and the kids don’t even know they are practicing.”


Ms. Jenkins and her second graders share their smiles as well as their thoughts on Skoolbo and the World Cup Challenge:

 “Skoolbo is a great homework app!”- Jared

“I love Skoolbo! The Challenge is really fun!”- Hailey

“Skoolbo is a learning app that is very fun!”-Lilly

“You learn a lot from playing Skoolbo!”- Elizabeth

Keep up the great work, kids! We’re so proud of you and we will continue to expect great things from you in the Skoolbo World Cup! Go! US Kids Go!