Mrs. Mullins Presents Her 1st Grade Class

Meet Mrs. Mullins’ 1st grade class from Riverside Elementary School #44 in Indianapolis, Indiana!

My students absolutely love skoolbo! As a teacher, I appreciate the ease in which students can log on to the app. I also like the real-time feedback on my students’ academic progress. Thank you so much for creating an app where my students can learn while playing an engaging video game. Most of my students don’t even realize they are learning important skills!

From a very satisfied teacher,
Melissa Mullins

This wonderful bunch made it to the top 20 schools in the Skoolbo World Cup, answering over 26,000 questions, which was a huge contribution to their school’s amazing accomplishment of being the 4th school overall in the Challenge! Mrs. Mullins’ class is an elite SUPER CLASS with over 70,000 questions answered. Thank you for the feedback, Melissa! We are so proud of your class and we hope that they will continue to have fun and learn much with Skoolbo!

Remember, the deadline for our SUPER CLASS prize package is coming up fast! If you would like for your class to receive a SUPER CLASS package from us, be sure to answer as many questions as possible before Friday December 19th. If your class answers more than 50,000 questions, be on the lookout for a package in the mail!

2 thoughts on “Mrs. Mullins Presents Her 1st Grade Class

  1. Thank you so much for allowing students to use your website as a learning tool! The students truly enjoy the competition vs. other students locally and from around the globe! I cannot express enough the gratitude the children show for how much they enjoy learning on skoolbo! The students are truly excited each time they learn something new on your website! It is also very helpful to myself as a teacher to see how much they grow and where they might be struggling at!

    David A Weightman

    • It’s an absolute pleasure David – thank you for sharing your kind thoughts. Super congratulations also to Mrs. Mullins mighty 1st Grade!

      Best wishes,
      Shane Hill (Skoolbo Founder)

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