Legacy Academy in Elizabeth, Colorado Climbing the Leaderboard

Legacy Academy in Elizabeth, Colorado has been leading the pack and climbing up the leaderboard! Each of theĀ 10 classes playing Skoolbo from this school have made the leaderboard this week, answering a total of 146,308 questions to date. As Skoolbo worldwide nears 400 million questions answered, Legacy Academy is currently ranked #5 in the world:

legacy #5

Legacy Academy is a K-8 charter school in Elizabeth, Colorado, with a 1:1 iPad deployment. Their mission is to guide students in developing their individual character and academic potential by providing opportunities for collaborative learning and hands-on experiences through the continuous surveying of modern technology, science, arts and extracurricular activities.

Legacy Academy mapThank you to the teachers and students of Legacy Academy for an outstanding job! Keep up the great work!

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  1. PS 181 THE JOHN L. STEPTOE SCHOOL for the 21st Century in East Flatbush, Brooklyn NY is also leading the way in learning with Skoolbo. With more than 40 classes signed up and actively engaged with this modern technology our students are excited, motivated and involved in every activity.

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