Skoolbo Case Study: King-Chávez Arts Academy, San Diego, CA, USA

Recently we talked to Paul Hobson, a 3rd grade teacher at King-Chávez Arts Academy, San Diego, CA, USA. Paul has been piloting a 1-to-1 iPad program this year. He found Skoolbo over the 2013 summer and noticed its unique game environment and differentiated challenge in each targeted skill. Paul’s students have correctly answered more than 500,000 questions on Skoolbo.

Paul utilizes Skoolbo with a reading intervention group; his whole class; as an early finisher; and an afterschool academic club. His students love competing against each other, earning and spending coins from correct answers, and sharing their successes in the game. Skoolbo provides Paul with reports, and also sends him emails notifying him of the students’ achievements, such as 1,000 correct answers, superhero status, etc.

“Skoolbo helps me the most with providing my students with content and practice, customized to a level that is not too easy and just challenging enough to allow them to make progress through the game. One of the main challenges a teacher faces is providing differentiation to their struggling students and their advanced students. Skoolbo allows my students to work at a pace and challenge that is most appropriate for them.”  

Paul loves that he can track what his students are doing in Skoolbo and what they are struggling with. One highlight in his classroom is a student who was in his reading club since the beginning of the year. His initial level score from Accelerated Reader was a 2.2 (2nd grade 2nd month of school). His most recent reading level assessed in February was a 4.0 (4th grade), which was almost two years growth in six months. The student has completed 37 hours of learning time on Skoolbo with 16,000 correct answers and an average accuracy of 86%.

“While other education games struggle with a balance of learning and fun, Skoolbo has created an engaging, challenging, and rewarding app that my students don’t want to put down! It is my goal to invest more Skoolbo time for the rest of my class for the remainder of the year. This app covers so many topics at so many different levels that I have yet to see another app do all of this, while still maintaining high interest, motivation, and engagement from all of my students!”

Paul hopes that in the future, he can get more detailed reports and the ability to choose specific skills for students to practice. Skoolbo is delighted to say that we are currently working on these!

The case study is featured in the Avatar Generation magazine. Check it out!