Hugh Goodwin Elementary Reaches 1 Million Answers!

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Hugh Goodwin Elementary School

Hugh Goodwin Elementary

Located in southern Arkansas, Hugh Goodwin Elementary School is a special place – a public school that seeks out, nurtures, and celebrates the best and brightest in EVERY child. One of four elementary schools in the El Dorado District, they combine daily arts instruction with academic subjects to boost self-confidence and achievement. They are also one of the first schools in the US to reach 1 Million answers. Quite an impressive feat for a school with only 20 classrooms, spanning Kindergarten through 4th Grade.

Overwhelming Success

One class stands out in particular, Mrs. Cupp’s 4th Grade. Not only did this outstanding group of kids take 9th place in the Skoolbo World Cup Challenge, they have successfully answered over 112,000 questions with 94% accuracy. Congratulations!

Hugh Goodwin Elementary Cupp

Other classes with impressive results include Mrs. Richard’s 1st Grade class with 91,860 answers and Mrs. Inman’s 1st Grade class with 81,713 answers.

We couldn’t be more proud of the students at Hugh Goodman and their outstanding teachers. Special kudos goes to Compass Lab teacher, Elaine Manning, for keeping us abreast of everyone’s achievements. Keep up the great work! We can hardly wait to hear about your next milestone.