High Praises of Skoolbo in British Principal’s Review

We love hearing feedback and reviews of Skoolbo from educators, administrators, parents and children!

Recently, Neil Hopkins, a principal and National Leader of Education in Britain, wrote an enthusiastic review of Skoolbo, deeming it the “best educational app in and for the world”! Not only does he speak highly of Skoolbo’s visual appeal, child safety policy, and sophisticated algorithm, but his 6-year-old son gives an video introduction of the game as well! You will see that the “60-second learning sprint” in which the child is completely focused on learning one skill for 60-seconds is clearly demonstrated by Neil’s son as he becomes completely engrossed in the game!

Here are some excerpts from the review:

“I have seen a lot of educational apps which are either not very educational or are just a money spinning venture. Many of them are quite disheartening in their commercialisation and monetisation of learning […] However, this app is free!”

“My 6 year old son is absolutely captivated by the game. He loves that he can play a game which has all the features of other games he plays, whilst knowing that he is consolidating his learning. I am quite captivated by it too, to tell the truth. I think that every school should sign up to it.”

Click here to read the review for yourself and to hear what Neil and his son have to say about Skoolbo!