Mayor of London Boris Johnson Supports Skoolbo’s New York vs London Challenge!


The countdown is on for the New York vs London Challenge! 

-914Days -8Hours -16Mins -47Secs

Follow the challenge on Twitter by using the #NYvsLondon hashtag!

Students from London to New York are warming up for the New York vs London Schools Challenge. Who will answer the most literacy, numeracy and language questions on Skoolbo over the 5 day period?  Skoolbo US is firmly behind Team New York and with a week left to go, we need to make sure that every New York school, class and student is ready to represent their city from the 15th – 19th June. 

New York has a famous ability to rally support when it’s needed and you can really make a difference by inviting your friends and colleagues to join in.  We’ve taken a sneaky look at how many London schools are taking part. Their numbers are looking good so we need to make sure New York is ready to respond!

London Mayor Boris Johnson threw his hat into the ring by declaring his support for the challenge. Let’s roll up our sleeves, New York, and show them what we’re made of!



Are you ready? Make sure you register your school and class in time for the #NYvsLondon Challenge