Congratulations Irma Dru Hutchison Elementary School


Very welcome to our MILLION CLUB, Irma Dru Hutchison School! We are very pleased to have a school like yours on our leader board!

Hutchison is a School founded by Irma Dru in 1949, Texas. She was an acclaimed teacher nominated for the honor of having Elementary named in her honor.

Hutchison Motto

Good, Better, Best…
Never Let it Rest
Til Your Good is Better.
And Your Better is Best.


Hutchison is a school very involved in community activities and is very active on Social Media! In this school, kids have the opportunity of knowing what it’s like to have a firemen’s job, they have animal encounters, they play theater and they have fun while learning!!

This explains the reason why Irma DruSchool is the TOP 1 school in the Skoolbo Million Club! At present, students at Irma Dru Hutchison Elementary School have answered a total of 3,716,757 questions on Skoolbo at an unbelievable improvement rate of 36%. WELL DONE!!

The classes with the most exceptional results are AKIN, EMMOT, HAMAK and HUDGENS with over 400,000 answers! AMAZING!

We are sure, Hutchison, that you are putting your mission statement to practice. Keep up the great work!


downloadMission Statement

Help all students succeed.
Understand individual differences.
Think exemplary.
Create a caring environment.
Honor the partnership of parents and staff.
Inspire excellence.
Seek community involvement.
Offer challenging opportunities.
Never give up!