Congratulations to Grantfork’s 4th Grade Class!

Terri Lurkins’ 4th grade class is one of the Top 200 Skoolbo classes in the United States, and 3rd in the state of Illinois. Her students have answered over 85,000 questions. Way to go!

Grantfork Elementary School

Grantfork Elementary School is one of only two elementary schools in the Highland Community Unit School District No 5, located near St. Louis, Missouri in rural southern Illinois. Their school’s vision is to create a unified learning environment that gives students the Power to Succeed.

Grantfork Elementary School Logo

Ms. Lurkins said the most frequently asked question in her classroom is: “When can we go to the computer lab for Skoolbo?”

Grantfork Elementary School 4th Grade

This is how the students responded when they were told they were ranked #3 in the state of Illinois. Look at all that excitement!

Ms. Lurkins also sent in handwritten responses from her students. Here is what a few of them had to say: Grantfork Like Best 2

Grantfork Improved

Grantfork Favorite Avatar

Grantfork Change About Skoolbo

Congratulations on your Super Class status. Keep up the good work! Grantfork Elementary School Super Class