Congratulations to the first Skoolbo SUPER CLASSES in the United States!

In just the past two months since we launched in the United States, we’ve already seen classes reach Super Class status, blasting off with thousands of questions answered on Skoolbo! To congratulate these Super Classes and to recognize their amazing effort, we’ve sent out packages to several schools containing Skoolbo goodies for each child.

skoolbo goodies-001

We want to extend a special congratulations to Mrs. Damron’s 3rd grade class at C.W. McGraw Elementary School in Yuma, Arizona for answering the most questions out of all classes in America, achieving a whopping 92,891 correct answers! Mrs. Ebert’s 2nd grade class at Marshall C. Darnell Elementary School in Las Vegas, Nevada is also doing an outstanding job with 59,601 correct answers!

What a great sight to see so many children highly motivated to learn while having fun. We’re looking forward to many more Super Classes in the future–and Super Schools, too. Look out in the mail–a package may be coming for your class!

Keep up the great work everybody! Go US Kids Go!