Weekend for the Win!!

Weekend for the Win!! (2)

We’re calling on all of our Skoolbo superstars from Team USA to jump onto Skoolbo over the weekend and go the extra mile for world cup glory! That’s right, while the rest of the world is having a snooze or taking a few days off, you have the opportunity to rack up some sneaky points by playing the Skoolbo World Cup challenge this weekend! Just remember, the more time you put into answering as many questions as you can, the better chance your country will have of winning the 2015 Skoolbo World Cup.

You’ll also be helping your schools and classes climb up their leaderboards and be in with a great chance of seeing yourself appear on top of the students leaderboard! Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be the #1 student in this year’s Skoolbo World Cup? Get cracking, kids, it’s all to play for!

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Introducing Team USA Captains: South Pekin Elementary

South Pekin Elementary

Today, we’re really pumped to introduce to you one of our captains for Team USA in the 2015 Skoolbo World Cup: Mrs. Martin’s 5th-8th graders from South Pekin Elementary, Illinois. We’re also proud to announce that there’s a Skoolbo superstar from South Pekin Elementary’s 7th grade who made it to the very top of the weekly USA leaderboards, answering an amazing 2,964 questions on Skoolbo in just one week! 

South Pekin 2

week of November 22nd -29th

To get their practice in for the 2015 Skoolbo World Cup, the students at South Pekin took part in weekly Skoolbo challenges, where the overall school winner and winners from each class were posted every week by Mrs. Martin. They’re so dedicated to helping Team USA win the 2015 Skoolbo World Cup that they even practiced over Thanksgiving break, getting the WHOLE SCHOOL involved!

The Thanksgiving Challenge was created by Mrs. Martin as a way of keeping the students active and interested in math while always learning over the holidays. Speaking to the Pekin Times, Mrs. Martin said: “We had our Thanksgiving break challenge, which we opened up to the whole school, and we had 150 kids participate,”. 150 students, wow!

It certainly seems to be a big hit as the students wanted even more time to play the game so they could build up their scores! Mrs. Martin will also be running a winter break challenge, telling the Pekin Times: “We will have one for the winter break and the kids are asking for a longer challenge because they will have more time to work on it.” You can catch the full article by the Pekin times by clicking here.

The students at South Pekin love a good challenge, and the Thanksgiving Challenge provided the extra motivation to propel their class to #1 in the state of Illinois and #2 of all classes in the United States last week!


Clearly, the kids at South Pekin Elementary really love Skoolbo, and they’ve shared with us some of the reasons they love it so much: 

  • Skoolbo helps you with your math, especially multiplication.
  • It is FUN!  It helps me get faster with my multiplication facts.
  • It is a challenge to get a superhero suit!
  • You are learning but having fun at the same time.
  • You get to pick your own avatar and your choices throughout the game.
  • You get rewarded from learning.
  • I love that you don’t need Wifi to play it all the time. It will upload my points later.
  • I love the colorful scenes and 3D.
  • I like playing against the Skoolbo characters.
  • We love to verse friends in Duelbos.
  • I can play at home and at school.
  • I love the prizes I can get in the game and at school.

Guys, we know you’re going to ROCK in this World Cup. USA! USA! USA!

South Pekin 3Weekly Challenge winners proudly showing their names atop the class leaderboards; well done ladies!

Let the games begin!

Just hours into the Skoolbo World Cup challenge and the battle is fierce.

Day 1 top 10 schools

Team USA came out of the gates with a bang; at the time of this report, they are just about the surpass Team Aussie with their sights on Team GB! We are so proud of Gainesville Exploration Academy in Gainesville, GA for currently holding 3rd place out of all the schools in the Skoolbo World Cup with over 13,000 questions answered in just the first several hours of the challenge!

Of course, we have our tried and true Irma Dru Hutchinson Elementary in Richmond, TX in 5th place; they were 2nd place overall in the Skoolbo World Cup 2014 US vs UK challenge last year so we’re looking forward to seeing them shine in this year’s competition. Go Hornets!

In 8th place, we are proud to have Beverley Manor Elementary in Staunton, VA joining us early on in this competition. We are also expecting greatness from Beverley Manor as they took 3rd place overall in last year’s world cup. We’re so excited to see “old faces” on our leaderboard, as well as new members of our Skoolbo family: together, we will win the Skoolbo World Cup 2015!

Go! US kids Go!

The World Cup is almost here! Here’s how you can get your students playing from home

World Cup blog header


The Skoolbo World Cup Countdown Is On!

Are you ready to win America? This Wednesday the 2nd of December, children across the US be battling it out on the World Cup leaderboard to answer as many literacy, numeracy and language questions as possible over the 7 day period. The goal? To beat the other countries and become Skoolbo World Champions!

You can see how your class and school are going by visiting our Skoolbo homepage which will turn into a dedicated World Cup challenge page! Here you will be able to see the live totaliser and get leaderboard updates! Will we be seeing your classroom at the top?

You can get your students playing from home with ease by downloading the World Cup parent newsletter printout. This specially designed newsletter explains what the challenge is about and has a quick start guide on how to get students logged in and playing from home. Simply get your students to fill our their username and password in class to make things easier.

This challenge is a great way to motivate children to learn and improve their skills with Skoolbo.

We look forward to seeing your class on our leaderboards!

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newsletter button world cup


Skoolbo Team Captains, Mrs. Martin’s class at South Pekin Elementary in Illinois ready to take on the world!

The countdown for the Skoolbo World Cup is on! Let’s WIN Team U.S.A.!

World Cup promo blog header US

With just 7 days to go until the launch of the 2015 Skoolbo World Cup it’s time for Team USA to get practising!

‘Team USA – who are they?’ we hear you ask…

You of course!

Running from the 2nd – 8th of December, all children (and schools) in the US are to join together in an effort to become Skoolbo World Champions. Your task is to try to beat all the other Skoolbo teams from around the globe by answering the most literacy, numeracy and language questions as possible over the 7 day challenge.

During the challenge, students’ avatars will be dressed in an exclusive Team USA kit and every question answered correctly will take us one step closer to victory! Keep a look out for the dedicated Challenge Leaderboard which you will find our our Skoolbo website homepage. When the challenge is running we will show live results in real time!

download poster button WC

Hear what one of our Team Captains – Sara Evan’s 3rd graders at Roosevelt Elementary in Mesa, AZ have to say about the challenge, and how the U.S.A. will win of course! 🙂

Stay tuned for more fun videos from our other Skoolbo Team Captains throughout the challenge!

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How to get your class back onto Skoolbo for The World Cup!

get back onto Skoolbo

If you already have a Skoolbo account, you just need to do a few easy things to get your class up and running so your students’ can compete in our highly motivating World Cup!

This year, thousands of Skoolbo kids will be competing against other Skoolbo-ers in classrooms across the USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, Philippines and India.

Running from Wednesday 2nd to Tuesday 8th of December, your students’ avatars will wear a new uniform. Every question your students’ answer correctly puts your country one step closer to victory!

There will be an automated tally on the Skoolbo website homepage so you can see the results live. This is a great way to motivate students’ to learn by answering lots of maths and literacy questions.

So to get back on board with us in order to join in, follow these simple instructions.

We look forward to your class joining in on the fun!

Step 1. Log In

Log in to your teacher dashboard via the Skoolbo website here

If you forget your password you can reset it at any time by visiting this page. Just use the email address we use to send you Skoolbo messages!

Step 2. Browse to your student list.

how to get back 1






Once you can see your student list, click the printer icon at the bottom of the list to print out your students’ log in details to hand out.

If you need to upload your students and you have many of them, email us at info@skoolbo.com so we can help you get started!

Step 3. Download the full 3D game








It’s more fun for kids to play the Mac/PC version or the Skoolbo App, which you can get by visiting our downloads page

Of course they can still play Skoolbo by logging in on the Skoolbo website too. 

Step 4: Play at home

Get your kids learning from home (and of course competing so that America WINS) by using our handy print-outs that can be filled out and sent home to parents. Click here to download the handy home print out.

New to Skoolbo? Register your class now to get involved in our Skoolbo World Cup Challenge!



The Skoolbo 2015 World Cup is just around the corner! Let’s WIN, USA!

blog worldcup 2 (1)

The Skoolbo World Cup is back for a second year and this time it’s the world against the world! Skoolbo USA kids will be competing against other Skoolbo-ers in classrooms across the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, Philippines and India.

Running from Wednesday December 2nd to Tuesday December 8th, your students’ avatars will wear a new American uniform. Every question your students answer correctly puts America one step closer to victory! There will be an automated tally on the Skoolbo website homepage so you can see the results live.

This is a great way to motivate students’ to learn by answering lots of math and literacy questions.

Let’s have some fun as we join together to take on the world in the Skoolbo World Cup!

Stay tuned for more news on the World Cup coming in the lead up to December 2nd…

Go US Kids! Go!

Students from Willowbrook celebrate being the #1 School in our 2014 Skoolbo World Cup

Students from Willowbrook celebrate being the #1 School in our 2014 Skoolbo World Cup

New to Skoolbo? Register your child or class now to get involved in our highly motivating World Cup!


Congratulatory Message from Henry Winkler

Henry Winkler, Skoolbo Ambassador, has a congratulatory message for all the students who participated in last week’s Skoolbo World Cup Challenge! We echo Henry Winkler’s praises for all the children in America, England, Australia, and New Zealand who answered a combined 14.5 million questions in just one week! We hope you will enjoy this video and share it with your students as a personal message from Henry for a job well done!

FOREVER FREE Registration

We are still buzzing with excitement over the recent milestone we reached–a total of over 100,000 million questions answered in the United States on Skoolbo! This is an incredible accomplishment and we look forward to much, much more. Remember, your chance to register your school for our FOREVER FREE registration period is coming to an end! Register here before December 31, 2014 to get a license for your school and join our e-Learning revolution!

If you are a parent and your child’s teacher is not on Skoolbo, you can get started by registering for free and creating an account for your child today! Just click here to register and find all other resources you need to get started on our downloads page.

Introducing… Beverley Manor Elementary School in Staunton, VA!

Beverley Manor Elementary School (BMES) is located in the Shenandoah Valley in Augusta County.  It is the second largest county in VA with 971 sq. miles. The county has a population of 73,912.

Beverley Manor Elementary is located in the Shenandoah Valley.

Beverley Manor Elementary consists of 20 classrooms, Pre-K through 5th grade. The school has 368 students, 32 teachers and 12 teaching assistants.

We are so proud of BMES for maintaining its 3rd place finish in the Skoolbo World Cup Challenge with England with 203,681 points!

Students at Beverley Manor Elementary School give a big thumbs up for Skoolbo!

A big thumbs up from students at Beverley Manor Elementary School!

Here are some words that the school wanted to share about Skoolbo:

Skoolbo has been a great hit at our school since we joined on November 25, 2014. The students were excited during the competition with England. They love to compete.

When asked what the students thought about Skoolbo…

We love Skoolbo.

When I am sick, I am going to stay home and play Skoolbo.

It is cool and easy to win!

Skoolbo is awesome!

Congratulations again for all the hard work each and every one of you put into earning the title of 3rd School Overall in the Skoolbo World Cup Challenge! We look forward to even more great things from the folks at Beverley Manor Elementary!

Team USA Wins Skoolbo World Cup Challenge Against Team GB!

Congratulations are due as Team USA wins the Skoolbo World Cup Challenge against Great Britain! It has been a tremendous effort from both teams, but we saw a huge push at the end from Team USA in the final hours! Both teams combined answered a whopping 8 million questions in the span of 7 days! We want to extend a thank you to all schools, classes, teachers, parents, and students for all your participation and support throughout the week-long challenge.

We are absolutely amazed at the enthusiasm and excitement to support Team USA and answer as many questions as possible! A special shout-out to the top 5 schools in the Skoolbo World Cup: Willowbrook Elementary in Bentonville, AR, Hutchinson Elementary in Richmond, TX, Beverley Manor Elementary in Staunton, VA, Riverside School 44 in Indianapolis, IN, and Almor West Elementary in Lawton, OK. These five schools combined answered a total of over 1 million questions!

It was a valiant effort by Hutchinson Elementary who was dominating the #1 spot for schools until earlier this morning; in the final hours of the World Cup Challenge, Willowbrook Elementary claimed the spot in a last hurrah!

We also want to recognize Hugh Goodwin Elementary School in El Dorado, AR who was in the #12 spot this morning with around 65,000 questions answered. This school rallied together in the last moments, answering over 15,000 questions in a matter of hours, and clinched the #9 spot on the School Leaderboard for the World Cup Challenge!  Congratulations also to Ronald E. McNair Elementary School in  Browns Summit, NC for securing 10th place on the school leaderboard for the Skoolbo World Cup!

We don’t want to forget the amazing effort by our classes as well!

Earlier today, UK Class “Year 6” from North Ormseby Primary Academy was holding a comfortable lead in 1st place among all classes in the Skoolbo World Cup Challenge. Both Class WESPJ4 from Willowbrook Elementary and Class Weightman from Riverside School 44 rose to the challenge and claimed 1st and 2nd place out of all the US and UK classes in the Skoolbo World Cup! Class WESPJ4 answered about 24,000 questions and Class Weightman answered over 33,600 both in the span of a few short hours!

Congratulations as well to Class Jenkins 2014-2015 (4th place) from Willowbrook, Class Cheek (7th place), also from Willowbrook, Class Williams (8th place) from Riverside School 44, Class 4th Cupp (9th place) from Hugh Goodwin, and Class B4 2014-2015 (10th place) from King/Chavez Athletics Academy in San Diego, CA! Both Class Williams and Class B4 2014-2015 burst into the top 10 in the last remaining hours of the Skoolbo World Cup!

We hope everyone had FUN and learned much throughout this World Cup Challenge. We were definitely on the edge of our seats, rooting for Team USA classes and schools and we are so proud of each and every one of you! If you made it to the top, stay posted! We’ll be contacting you soon because we want to recognize you all for your incredible efforts!

GO Team USA! Go! US Kids Go!