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Has your school got what it takes to be a Skoolbo SuperSchool?  Could your students achieve one million answers on Skoolbo?

248 schools have done just that and made it into the Million Club Hall of Fame. With over 50,000 schools playing Skoolbo worldwide, there’s no doubt that this is an elite club, but also one that comes with exclusive member benefits. Our SuperSchools show an average improvement of 34% in literacy and math skills, proving that the more children play, the more they learn!

Every question answered on Skoolbo represents a challenge, the chance to make mistakes, and the opportunity to learn and improve, with a healthy dose of fun thrown in! Just think what rewards a million answers could bring your students…

  • One million learning opportunities!
  • One million challenges overcome!
  • One million smiles!


You’ll need everyone on board, but this is easy! With Skoolbo, learning can happen at home as well as in school. Every answer counts – wherever and however your students access Skoolbo.




Skoolbo Powerhouse Beverley Manor Recognized by Local News Station

The students of Beverley Manor Elementary School in Staunton, VA, have been on our radar ever since the very first Skoolbo World Cup held in December 2014. They blasted onto the scene by placing 3rd overall in that inaugural competition, and have been a force to be reckoned with on the Skoolbo Leaderboards ever since.

A big thumbs up from students at Beverley Manor Elementary School!

This past month, the students once again came in 1st for Team USA in the international competition, with a 2nd place overall finish! We are so proud of the massive, school-wide effort put forth by the students, teachers, and principal, and we are so delighted to see their accomplishment recognized by their local media outlet WHSV Channel 3.

Check out this video clip from the interview!

According to the principal, here is the secret to their success:

“I think it’s our staff being so excited about it, and building the kids’ enthusiasm, and giving them an opportunity to feel success with something like that. Then that just builds upon itself.”

-Principal Miranda Ball

Click here to read the entire article.

We have to agree that Beverley Manor’s consistently high performances and presence on the leaderboards speak to the wonderful leadership at the school.  The coordinated efforts and enthusiasm at Beverley Manor Elementary can serve as an inspiration and blueprint to other schools just getting started with Skoolbo.

We look forward to seeing what wonderful things BMES can achieve in 2017!

Skoolbo Awarded the Coveted TWA Certification


Skoolbo is proud and honored to announce that we have received the prestigious TWA Certification! According to the Teachers with Apps website, this special Certification Program was designed to recognize and applaud apps and connected tools that are exemplary in educational content, presentation, and execution, as well as overall user experience. We had the great opportunity to chat with Jayne Clare, CEO and Co-Founder of TWA, and this is what she has to say about Skoolbo:

Skoolbo is an all-encompassing educational tool for students, teachers, and parents covering basic reading and numeracy skills through student-driven gameplay. Teachers With Apps highly recommends this outstanding program for its ease of use, quality content, and engaging nature! A rare find.

Thank you, Jayne, for the kind words! With TWA’s seal of approval, we’re sure that we will now be able to reach even more students in the USA and fulfill our dream of every child learning to read and gaining confidence with numbers.  

We also want to take this moment to thank all of our teachers, parents, and children who play a key role in making Skoolbo the game that it is today! We know that you have unlimited choices when it comes to educational programs for your children, so the fact that you chose Skoolbo over all of the other apps means a lot to us. It is the motivation that keeps us going everyday. We appreciate you!

Are you new to Skoolbo and would like to learn more about the game? Click here to find out more information.

Could reading for pleasure be a game-changer?

Reading for pleasure (3)

It is widely accepted that learning to read is an essential life skill, even if there is not total agreement about how this skill should be taught. Once acquired, reading is used everyday but it seems that fewer and fewer people are choosing to read in their leisure time. This decline is not restricted to adults who arguably have less leisure time at their disposal. Children are also choosing to read for pleasure less often.

But is this important? If children have the ‘basics,’ does it matter what they do outside of school? How can immersing yourself in a good book be beneficial, especially in a day and age where ‘reading for pleasure’ feels like a thing of the past?

There is a growing body of educational research evidence that links a number of benefits of children reading for pleasure. The key findings include:

  • Reading for pleasure is important for both educational purposes as well as personal development and it has positive emotional and social consequences;
  • There is a positive relationship between reading frequency, reading enjoyment and attainment;
  • There is a positive relationship between reading for pleasure and attainment in a wide range of educational areas, including math;
  • Reading enjoyment may be more important for children’s educational success than their family’s socio-economic status.

This last point is of particular interest because despite increased focus and, in many cases, increased funding, a child’s socio-economic background stubbornly remains the single biggest indicator of a child’s future educational outcomes. What if developing a love of reading holds the key to levelling the playing field for so many children?

The research also examined children’s perceptions of readers. It concluded that elementary-aged readers and non-readers believed that their friends saw people who read as happy and as people with a lot of friends.

It seems that the argument in favor of reading for pleasure has been won — so how can we encourage children to choose to read in their own time? One of the reasons cited for children avoiding books is a lack of reading confidence; thus, removing some of these early barriers becomes essential. Introducing children to picture books with simple vocabulary is a great start.

We know that once children can read a wide range of common words by sight, they are more likely to go on to become confident, fluent readers. These common words are those that children typically recognize within approximately 3 seconds. Amazingly, 50 percent of our written material is made up of these 100 high-frequency words and this is where game-based learning can help. Games like Skoolbo enable children to learn these words effortlessly and in a hugely enjoyable way. Children love games and are fascinated by new technology. Teaching these early reading and spelling skills in an exciting interactive learning environment allows children to get more from their reading. This builds confidence, freeing them to tackle more challenging words and focus more on the story or poem’s meaning which, in turn, leads to increased enjoyment.

Confidence, however, can be fragile and fleeting if we are not careful. Children love sharing books with friends and trusted adults and they are often very happy to read aloud when they are very young. Reading silently or ‘in their head’ is a skill that develops much later, but reading to an adult in a formal school setting can be daunting for some children. It introduces an element of judgement and can result in a drop in confidence. Innovations in educational technology can help children develop as readers independently and free of judgement until they are ready.

Zippy Shine is one such innovation which allows children to practice and record their reading independently. In this reading and performance app, children can choose from a range of exciting adventures with familiar characters or they can try their hand at telling a joke, re-recording as many times as they like until they are happy with their performance. As they listen back to their own reading, they instinctively self-assess, recognizing where previously un-noticed punctuation may have indicated a pause or change of intonation. They begin to have an awareness of audience and develop their performance accordingly. Children remain in control of their own reading development and only share their performance when they feel they are ready. Teachers will soon be able to receive recorded performances via their online teacher dashboard, providing opportunities for encouragement and informing planning for the next guided session. Similarly, parents will soon be able to listen to the recordings in their parent dashboard, which will give them the opportunity to work directly with their child on their reading skills. It can also be a great source of pride and enjoyment for both parent and child.

Technology may not be able to replace that special time curled up in your favorite place with a slightly shabby, much-loved paperback but it can go a long way to help our children develop the needed skills to get there!

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Top 5 reasons why learning with Skoolbo is FUN

Your child will no doubt be excited about what the new school year will bring. However, moving into a new class can also be overwhelming for children and tiring for parents. The fun does not need to stop just because summer break is over though!

Skoolbo provides the perfect way for your child to relax while improving their math, literacy, and language skills.

How do we know this?

We have gathered together fantastic feedback received from children, including the top 5 reasons why they love Skoolbo.

Learning is Fun

It doesn’t feel like learning but you are“. 6 years old.
The games are short so you can play for a long or short time if you want”. 9 years old.
It makes me feel like I’m good and getting better at maths and English“. 10 years old.


zippy-shine You can also download Zippy Shine for 50% off on iTunes or the Google Play Store:


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Join Skoolbo before the 31st of Oct and get it free for life!



ATTN all school staff, join and play Skoolbo before the 31st of October to receive forever free access – meaning you’ll never have to pay!

Skoolbo is one of the fastest-growing education games on the planet, with over 25,000 schools playing. We have seen students improving their core skills by an average of 40% and we want to make sure all schools benefit. That’s why when you register your school by October 31 – and play in class, you’ll have Skoolbo free, for life. It’s that easy.

Skoolbo is great for improving:

    • Math skills
    • Reading skills
    • Languages – learn Spanish, Mandarin and French with more languages set to be released in the future
    • Healthy active kids – With the release of our new teacher app, kids can enjoy a quick, fun and energizing dance routine with the Skoolbo characters.



Join 50,000 US classes playing Skoolbo – an immersive 3D learning game

Thousands of schools all across the US (and the world) are already on Skoolbo. When you join, your students get to create their own avatar and play against children from around the US – it’s super fun and a great motivator.

Play any time, anywhere

Skoolbo works on PC, Mac, tablets, smartphones and all modern web browsers. Student logins work at school and at home, so it’s great for homework too! Skoolbo can work offline and sync data once an internet connection is found.

100% Free. 100% Safe. 100% Fun.

When you sign up before October 31, your school will never have to pay for Skoolbo, just like over 17,000 US schools already. We are committed to privacy and security - no personal information is exchanged between children. Most importantly – kids love playing Skoolbo.

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Skoolbo kids reach 3/4 billion answers worldwide!



We want to celebrate a super exciting achievement this week with children across the world now answering over 3/4 of a BILLION questions on Skoolbo, a mind blowing effort!

Congratulations to all the children and schools involved in reaching this massive milestone!

We want to say a big thank you to all of our loyal supporters who joined us in making learning fun and free for all children.

It’s all about the Improvement!

Improving educational outcomes is at the core of everything we do at Skoolbo. It is our reason for being and we are nothing short of obsessed with it. Skoolbo may look and feel like a game, but every component has the underlying rationale of maximising student improvement. Importantly, Skoolbo is a learning company that uses games as the central medium for learning. It is not a gaming company that simply adds some learning.

Below is a list of our top US schools who have answered a MILLION questions or more making it into our famous Million Club showing amazing improvement.

Go Skoolbo Kids Go!

School name (2)


The Personal Best Wall of Fame is Here!

personal best blog (1)
We love it when children achieve their personal best and today is 2 millionth time a US child has set a new personal record on their reading or math on Skoolbo! Outstanding!

We’ve added personal bests to the main page of Skoolbo and we think it’s worth making a song and dance about! Children will be heavily motivated by seeing their brilliant performances recognized in this way.


Add heading (1)

You, US Kids are amazing! Children in the US are showing an average improvement of almost 40%!

Improvement 100

Make sure you keep checking to see if anyone from your school appears so that you can congratulate them and don’t forget achieving a personal best gives children the opportunity to send a Duelbo!
Go! US Kids Go!

You will enjoy this new video outlining some of the underlying learning methodologies of Skoolbo!

Education matters | Children in Uganda achieve 100% + Improvement! Yippee!!

UK-blog-uganda-boys (1)

Our dream is that every child learns to read and gains confidence with numbers… these are life’s essentials. We believe technology can dramatically help and that the best way to do it is to make it lots of fun and to make it FREE!

We are one big step closer to our dream with children in Uganda improving their literacy and numeracy skills by 100% + on Skoolbo. That’s incredible improvement! Skoolbo’s exciting new partnership with Soft Power Education, a British registered charity and Ugandan NGO, work with communities in Uganda to improve quality of life through education. By introducing tablets with Skoolbo to school kids in Uganda, we are seeing big results through our game based learning program.

Launched in In April 2014, Skoolbo’s Chief Operating Officer, Colin Brown, had the pleasure of visiting SPE, twelve tablets in hand, to launch the exciting and ground breaking pilot in two of the schools they were working in. You can read more about the launch here – An African Opportunity

Children aged 4 to 6 years from Buwenda Pre School and Kyabirwa Children’s Centre (KCC) in the Jinja area were introduced to Skoolbo and over the coming months were very enthusiastic in the pilot. As Skoolbo is designed for independent learning, the supporting adults require very little training which made implementing Skoolbo simple and effective.

Fast forward 13 months later and these children have shown an incredible amount of improvement through using Skoolbo.

Watch the children in Uganda play Skoolbo for the first time

It’s all about the improvement…

The independent nature of learning with Skoolbo is vital. Uganda teacher to student ratios can be 1:100 which can obviously make it very difficult to ensure children secure basic literacy and numeracy skills. We are therefore absolutely thrilled to report an amazing average improvement of 112% across Literacy and Numeracy!

We know that usage equals progress and were therefore delighted when the 116 SPE students topped the school UK leaderboard and at one point they were in second place in our global leaderboard!

Like many schools in the area there is no internet connection in either school and limited sources of power. This has meant that the classrooms have, up until now, been effectively technology-free environments. As a consequence many of the class-based adults were unfamiliar with using educational software to support and promote learning.

Skoolbo has been developed to overcome such barriers. The children in the pilot are able to play Skoolbo in ‘offline’ mode. The tablets are taken to SPE offices every few days for charging and to establish a connection in order to sync data. The experience for the children is identical to that of a child playing ‘online’.

It was great to hear that the technology worked so well but what did the children think? Well the reports are highly favourable. The teachers tell us that the children really look forward to their sessions and as the learning algorithm sets the curriculum for each individual child, the volunteer adults rarely need to intervene.

Well done Samuel and well done to the amazing

American Leader Board – Update

Half way through the first week back for all American schools its already a congested leader board with schools from Missouri, Texas and Tennessee all challenging for top spot!

Skoolbo Leaderboard High Point Elem2


So far High Point Elementary lead, IRMA Dru Hutchison Elementary and South Polk Elementary who have again performed brilliantly out of Tennessee.

With four days to go all schools on the leader board are still in it!

Sign into Skoolbo and help your school take out this weeks No.1.

Go US Kids Go!