PS 96 and Legacy Academy Pass the One Million Mark!

Million Club_833x445

We want to extend a hearty congratulations to PS 96 Richard Rodgers and Legacy Academy for becoming Super Schools over the weekend! It’s truly amazing to see such enthusiasm for learning in these children. The schools have answered 1 million questions each!

PS 96 Richard Rodgers | Bronx, NY

PS 96

PS 96 Richard Rodgers, located in the Bronx, is an ethnically diverse community and home to over 800 Skoolbo students. What a fantastic sight, to see so many students and classes learning on Skoolbo each day! The school’s mission to enable students to be independent, self-motivated learners certainly complements Skoolbo’s learning style and we are thrilled to see such progress at PS 96.

Legacy Academy | Elizabeth, CO

legacy wildcats

Legacy Wildcats

Recently, we shared about Legacy Academy’s consistent appearance on our leaderboards, with almost 150,000 questions answered at the time. Less than 2 months later, the 267 students at Legacy Academy have rallied together to answer over 1 Million questions!

It’s no wonder that this school has been able to achieve such an enormous accomplishment as it’s Colorado’s first iSchool. iPads are used on a daily basis in every class to enhance the level of enthusiasm in their learning environment. In addition to individual iPads, students also have access to MacBook Pros, an iMac Computer lab, extremely fast internet, and Legacy’s very own locally hosted “cloud” for teachers and students to collaborate. We are so proud of all the students at Legacy Academy!

Legacy Academy in Elizabeth, Colorado Climbing the Leaderboard

Legacy Academy in Elizabeth, Colorado has been leading the pack and climbing up the leaderboard! Each of the 10 classes playing Skoolbo from this school have made the leaderboard this week, answering a total of 146,308 questions to date. As Skoolbo worldwide nears 400 million questions answered, Legacy Academy is currently ranked #5 in the world:

legacy #5

Legacy Academy is a K-8 charter school in Elizabeth, Colorado, with a 1:1 iPad deployment. Their mission is to guide students in developing their individual character and academic potential by providing opportunities for collaborative learning and hands-on experiences through the continuous surveying of modern technology, science, arts and extracurricular activities.

Legacy Academy mapThank you to the teachers and students of Legacy Academy for an outstanding job! Keep up the great work!

Shout Out to Mrs. Ebert’s Second Graders

We think that answering over 100,000 questions on the Skoolbo platform is something to shout about. That’s why we’re celebrating Mrs. Ebert’s second graders from Marshall Darnell Elementary School in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Marshall Darnell Map

Marshall C. Darnell Elementary School

Marshall Darnell is located in the Northwest region of the Clark County School District. It opened its doors in 2001 with the mission of empowering students to become responsible, creative citizens who will achieve excellence in all academic and social endeavors. Mrs. Ebert is doing an excellent job of empowering her students with the aid of Skoolbo. Since the beginning of the school year, her class has answered over 139,000 math and literacy questions with 89% accuracy.

Mrs. Ebert's second graders

Second Graders as Super Champs!

Additionally, three students in Mrs. Ebert’s class have reached Super Champ Status, having answered over 10,000 questions each. We certainly love an opportunity to showcase positive student results and could not be more proud of these kids.

Mrs. Ebert's second graders

Keep up the great work, Mrs. Ebert. It’s enthusiastic teachers like you that empower students to do their best!

Skoolbo Ambassadors visit Playa Vista Elementary School

Playa Vista Elementary School, located in the Ballonna Wetlands.

Getting to know Playa Vista Elementary School

Located just minutes from the Los Angeles International Airport and the Pacific Ocean, Playa Vista Elementary School (PVES) embodies a partnership with Loyola Marymount University, the Los Angeles Unified School District, and the local community to create effective teaching strategies, particularly in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The vision of creating a challenging, nurturing environment for young learners allows PVES to be a hub for innovation, research and professional development.

PVES, located in a state-of-the-art platinum LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certified facility, held its grand opening just two years ago and is now home to 450 students. Our LA Skoolbo team, along with Skoolbo Ambassadors Henry Winkler and Dianne Callister, had the privilege of visiting this cutting edge school.

Inspiring the Children

Henry Winkler talks to the students.

Within moments, Henry Winkler captured the eyes and ears of each of the 18 children in Mrs. Albertson’s Kindergarten class. It didn’t take long for him to capture their hearts as well, as Henry encouraged each of them to follow his or her dreams and not let anyone tell them otherwise. He spoke of their brilliance and urged them to have confidence in their ability to think and be creative.

Once Henry mentioned how lucky the children were to have Skoolbo, they were very eager to share their own experiences of Skoolbo and their “favorite thing about Skoolbo”.

“My favorite part is when I win the race, not when I lose.”

“My favorite part is it helps me to learn.”

“My favorite part is keeping the money.”

Playing Skoolbo

The students were so excited when Henry told them that they were going to play Skoolbo and show him how it’s done. They logged in by themselves and were playing learning games in no time. We spent the next 15 minutes interacting with the students as they excitedly shared with us their houses and items that they had bought. The students would proudly announce how many questions they had answered and were very delighted to know that how close they were to getting the superhero suit!

Students celebrate getting first place!

Zippy Shake!

What better way to wrap up the motivational talk and a great session of Skoolbo than a round of Zippy Shake? Or, rather, three or four rounds–the children simply couldn’t get enough! Henry and Dianne joined in as the students got active on the dance floor.

We want to thank Playa Vista Elementary School, Mrs. Albertson and her Kindergarten class for letting us stop by for a visit! We had a great time and we hope to see you all again soon!

Mrs. Albertson’s Kindergarten class with Henry Winkler and Dianne Callister

Hearing from the Students

Last week ended with a bang, as we sent out Skoolbo packages to FIVE new Super Classes and received handwritten letters, hearing from students themselves about their experience of Skoolbo! The letters were written by 3rd grade students in Oregon, from one of our SUPER CLASSES! Here are some snippets:

student letters 1 student letters 2 student letters 3 student letters 4 student letters 5 letters from students

This last one inspires us at Skoolbo since our dream is to make learning fun and engaging for children, especially those who find learning challenging and boring! We hope you enjoyed reading these as much as we did. We’d love to hear any kind of feedback from teachers, parents, principals, and students so send it over to, or to our office at this address:

400 Continental Blvd., Ste. 6024
El Segundo, CA 90245.

Skoolbo Case Study: King-Chávez Arts Academy, San Diego, CA, USA

Recently we talked to Paul Hobson, a 3rd grade teacher at King-Chávez Arts Academy, San Diego, CA, USA. Paul has been piloting a 1-to-1 iPad program this year. He found Skoolbo over the 2013 summer and noticed its unique game environment and differentiated challenge in each targeted skill. Paul’s students have correctly answered more than 500,000 questions on Skoolbo.

Paul utilizes Skoolbo with a reading intervention group; his whole class; as an early finisher; and an afterschool academic club. His students love competing against each other, earning and spending coins from correct answers, and sharing their successes in the game. Skoolbo provides Paul with reports, and also sends him emails notifying him of the students’ achievements, such as 1,000 correct answers, superhero status, etc.

“Skoolbo helps me the most with providing my students with content and practice, customized to a level that is not too easy and just challenging enough to allow them to make progress through the game. One of the main challenges a teacher faces is providing differentiation to their struggling students and their advanced students. Skoolbo allows my students to work at a pace and challenge that is most appropriate for them.”  

Paul loves that he can track what his students are doing in Skoolbo and what they are struggling with. One highlight in his classroom is a student who was in his reading club since the beginning of the year. His initial level score from Accelerated Reader was a 2.2 (2nd grade 2nd month of school). His most recent reading level assessed in February was a 4.0 (4th grade), which was almost two years growth in six months. The student has completed 37 hours of learning time on Skoolbo with 16,000 correct answers and an average accuracy of 86%.

“While other education games struggle with a balance of learning and fun, Skoolbo has created an engaging, challenging, and rewarding app that my students don’t want to put down! It is my goal to invest more Skoolbo time for the rest of my class for the remainder of the year. This app covers so many topics at so many different levels that I have yet to see another app do all of this, while still maintaining high interest, motivation, and engagement from all of my students!”

Paul hopes that in the future, he can get more detailed reports and the ability to choose specific skills for students to practice. Skoolbo is delighted to say that we are currently working on these!

The case study is featured in the Avatar Generation magazine. Check it out!

Skoolbo Case Study: Clark Elementary, Wyoming, USA

Clark Elementary School, Wyoming, USA, logged in a record 107,260 correct answers on Skoolbo! Congratulations to the Mustangs! We talked to Ms. Adrienne Unertl, a teacher from Clark Elementary School, to find out more about this major achievement.

Adrienne enjoys figuring out how students learn, and feels that every child  is capable of success. At Clark Elementary, she is encouraged to find fun, educational applications that promote learning. She always reminds her students that “Failure is NOT an option”, and believes that although something may seem difficult now, with practice it will become easier. Some students show up an hour early to work on their skills and often request to work with her.

Adrienne uses Skoolbo in the before-school intervention program, as well as in the afterschool enrichment program. The students use the app in a computer lab as well as on iPads.

Adrienne has noticed that her students have been much more motivated to learn, and their confidence level has improved. They are so excited about their work and what they are learning on Skoolbo, that they are often overheard discussing their Skoolbo sessions as they walk out the door.  Even students who were initially difficult to motivate, now enjoy the program as they can race against their friends or their teachers (where else can students compete against their teachers!?). Many parents also like the learning app and have installed it on their home computers and iPads for their children.

“Skoolbo complements our school’s curriculum because it is common core based, and gives us another format to reach students. My quote for Skoolbo is “Learning has become social again.” That is what I tell teachers when they ask why the kids like it so much! I love this because in an hour my kids answer anywhere from 300-500 questions. What I like most about Skoolbo is the differentiated instructions for my students.  This helps them learn at their own level, even when challenging friends who may be at a higher or lower level. I LOVE the in-built differentiation. I appreciate that someone else has done the hard work of figuring out where the student is as well as moving them up and challenging them when they have achieved mastery. It makes it nice when I have students ranging from 2nd through 5th grade in the same class because they can still challenge others in the room as well as the teacher without feeling at a disadvantage. Yes, sometimes, they are quicker than me!”

What do the students like about Skoolbo?

“Playing against people, having fun and learning.” – Alexye, 2nd grader

“You can fly a helicopter.” – Avery, 2nd grader

“You can buy a different flying vehicle when you have the perfect amount of Bo coins.” – Aaron, 3rd grader

“When I learn topics and get to have fun.” – Ryker, 3rd grader

“My favorite thing about Skoolbo is you get to choose things that you want to do with your person.” – Isabella, 3rd grader

“My favorite thing about Skoolbo is you can get awesome worlds.” – Zach, 3rd grader

“That as you’re playing with technology you’re learning.” – Carsen, 3rd grader

“Playing with friends.” – Madison, 2nd grader

Adrienne (on top) and her students

“I like that you can go against other people and make it more fun!” – Kami, 3rd grader

“The “My Class” section. It’s so cool because you can play with other people in your class!” – Matthew, 3rd grader

“Figuring out problems.” – Adan, 2nd grader

“My favorite thing is the airplanes.” – Kiya, 2nd grader

“My favorite thing is how much I learn and also spelling.” – Sage, 3rd grader

“My favorite thing is multiplication and division and vocabulary.” – David, 3rd grader

“My favorite thing is doing math.” – Ashlyn, 5th grader  

“My favorite thing is learning division and multiplying.” – Alexis, 5th grader