Shout Out to Mrs. Ebert’s Second Graders

We think that answering over 100,000 questions on the Skoolbo platform is something to shout about. That’s why we’re celebrating Mrs. Ebert’s second graders from Marshall Darnell Elementary School in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Marshall Darnell Map

Marshall C. Darnell Elementary School

Marshall Darnell is located in the Northwest region of the Clark County School District. It opened its doors in 2001 with the mission of empowering students to become responsible, creative citizens who will achieve excellence in all academic and social endeavors. Mrs. Ebert is doing an excellent job of empowering her students with the aid of Skoolbo. Since the beginning of the school year, her class has answered over 139,000 math and literacy questions with 89% accuracy.

Mrs. Ebert's second graders

Second Graders as Super Champs!

Additionally, three students in Mrs. Ebert’s class have reached Super Champ Status, having answered over 10,000 questions each. We certainly love an opportunity to showcase positive student results and could not be more proud of these kids.

Mrs. Ebert's second graders

Keep up the great work, Mrs. Ebert. It’s enthusiastic teachers like you that empower students to do their best!

John Finley rocks…in the heart of Harlem!

Mrs. Gee Waithaka's class in front of their 250k Skoolbo goal board!

Mrs. Gee Waithaka’s class in front of their 250k Skoolbo goal board!

Super congratulations are in order for the first Super Class in the New York City Public School system AND the first Super Elite Class in NY State – Mrs. Gee Waithaka’s class! John Finley rocks! Indeed, this wonderful school community, aka PS/MS 129, has been on quite a roll since they began using Skoolbo and Mrs. Gee Waithaka’s class has led the way by crushing the 50k, 75k and 100k answer milestones in true rock-star fashion.


Mrs. Gee Waithaka's class celebrating their 75k answers milestone - the first class to do so in NY.

Mrs. Gee Waithaka’s class celebrating their 75k answers milestone – the first class to do so in NY.

DSC00626 (2)

John Finley’s Skoolbo Superheros proudly display their Super Class Prize Stickers with Mrs. Gee Waithaka (teacher), Ms Yasmine (Director of Special Projects, Skoolbo) and Odelphia Pierre (Principal) L to R.


John Finley’s Super Hero Scholars hard at work on Skoolbo!

It takes a village. Principal Pierre and Mrs. Gee Waithaka supervise and cheer on students as they work their way through literacy and numeracy modules...and check their leader board status.

It takes a village. Principal Pierre and Mrs. Gee Waithaka supervise and cheer on students as they work their way through literacy and numeracy modules…and check their leader board status.

What makes this small class so special? Everything! They are smart, ambitious,diligent and led by a great teacher, Mrs. Gee Waithaka and a hands on, visionary Principal, Odelphia H. Pierre. It also helps that it is nestled in the illustrious village of Harlem, home to luminaries like Thurgood Marshall, W.E. B. Du Bois, James Baldwin, Gil Noble, Piri Thomas, Darryl McDaniels, Sidney Poitier, Harry Belafonte, Langston Hughes, Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., Countee Cullen, Nina Simone, A. Phillip Randolph, Zora Neal Hurston, Alain Leroy Locke, Maya Angelou and Al Hajj Malik Shabazz aka Malcolm X.

Steeped in rich history and supported by powerful role models it is no wonder this amazing group of 7 and 8 year olds has set their Skoolbo goal to a quarter of a million questions this year. The fact that the 250k mark is a goal entire schools aspire to has not deterred this small class,  and we know no reason why it should – they are super-hero-scholars!

John Finley School, located in the heart of Harlem.

John Finley School, located in the heart of Harlem.

With over 500 PreK-8th grade students in their public school we can’t wait to see what the John Finley community will achieve with Skoolbo…we know it will be amazing and inspiring to schools throughout NYC and the world!

“At the John H. Finley Campus School, we believe that all children are entitled to a quality education.  We are committed to developing a child-centered environment and instructional program, which will result in a community of critical thinkers and lifelong learners.  With the collaborative efforts of parents, faculty, students and community, we will empower our students to become responsible, productive and enlightened individuals.” – Odelphia H. Pierre, Principal of John H. Finley Campus School


Kudos to Gentry Primary and Hutchison Elementary as Both Reach a Milestone of 1,000,000 Answers

Congratulations are in order for both Gentry Primary School in Gentry, Arkansas and Irma Dru Hutchison Elementary in Richardson, Texas. These two schools have achieved a monumental 1,000,000 answers to date as their students have enjoyed playing Skoolbo!

Gentry Primary School


Gentry Primary School is located in Benton County in Gentry, AR and is one of 2 elementary schools in the Gentry School District. It is a public school that serves 316 students in grades K-2.

The mission of Gentry Primary School is to work with students, parents and the community to establish a strong foundation for lifelong learning by providing a safe, nurturing, child-centered environment.

Gentry Primary and Hutchison Elementary

Irma Dru Hutchison Elementary School


Irma Dru Hutchison Elementary School is located in Richmond, TX and is one of 22 elementary schools in Lamar CISD. It is a public school that serves 786 students in grades pK-5.

The mission of Irma Dru Hutchinson Elementary is:

Help all students succeed.
Understand individual differences.
Think exemplary.
Create a caring environment.
Honor the partnership of parents and staff.
Inspire excellence.
Seek community involvement.
Offer challenging opportunities.
Never give up!


Thank you to the teachers and students of Gentry Primary and Hutchison Elementary for an outstanding job!  Keep up the great work!

We love hearing what students have to say about Skoolbo.  Do you have a Skoolbo success story you would like to have featured on our blog?  Write to us at and your class could be next.

Super Champs at Becky-David Elementary

Mrs. Pray has been a long-time advocate of Skoolbo, so we were thrilled to hear two of her students at Becky-David Elementary have reached Super Champ status! Mrs. Pray said she has never seen a program as motivating as Skoolbo, and the data proves it. Not only is her 2nd grade class ranked among the Top 20 in the United States, her students have answered over 124,000 questions this school year–up from 80,000 just two months ago!

Becky-David Super Champs

Beck-David Super ChampsThe motto of Becky-David Elementary is Be Your Best Self, Do Your Best Work. Truly these students have taken that mission to heart, answering over 10,000 questions each since the beginning of the school year. Way to go!

Student Testimonials

Mrs. Pray also included some fun feedback from her students:

Becky-David Mrs. Pray Feedback

Becky- David Mrs. Pray Feedback

Becky-David Super Champ

Beck-David Mrs. Pray Student Feedback

We love hearing what students have to say about Skoolbo! Do you have a Skoolbo success story you would like to have featured on our blog? Write to us at and your class could be next.

Superstars at Pine Meadow Elementary School

Pine Meadow blog

Pine Meadow Elementary School: Home of the Panthers

Located in Pensacola, the westernmost city of Florida, Pine Meadow Elementary School is part of the Escambia County School District. We can tell that the teachers at this school take the motto “Preparing Today for Tomorrow” and mission, “to promote the highest student achievement in a safe environment with the help of teachers, parents, students, business partners, and other community members”, seriously because Heidi Chism’s 1st graders are some of the most active Skoolbo students in the country! Ms. Chism shares her perspective of Skoolbo as a teacher:

I love Skoolbo because the students are learning and practicing skills and they have no idea! They just think they are playing a game. I also love that Skoolbo doesn’t frustrate the child. If they miss 3 questions, it removes them from the skill. I love being able to see what skills my students have mastered and what skills they are still working on.

It also allows me to differentiate instruction. I have one student working on multiplication while the others are still working on adding and subtracting. Skoolbo is aligned with our standards so the skills they are practicing are the exact skills the students will be tested on. Did I mention that they can play at home???? I have several students that play at home!!!! Skoolbo is a wonderful program and I plan on using it every year!!!

What wonderful words to hear from an educator! But what do the students themselves have to say about Skoolbo?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us! This class of 24 has already reached Super Class status, answering well over 50,000 questions on Skoolbo. Keep up the great work, everyone! We are looking forward to even more fantastic things from you all on Skoolbo.

Students from Pine Meadow Elementary School playing Skoolbo and doing the Zippy Shake!

Students from Pine Meadow Elementary School playing Skoolbo and doing the Zippy Shake!

Awesome Feedback from Irving Elementary School

Shauna Toolan’s 2nd grade students at Irving Elementary School love playing Skoolbo both at school and home! Ms. Toolan uses Skoolbo for reading and math instruction during centers. At night, her students take home their devices and are able to play Skoolbo at home. She reports that the kids really enjoy the competition aspect of the game.

“It’s fun because you get to play against different people from other states and schools.”

Irving Elementary School Map

Irving Elementary School

Irving Elementary School is one of eight elementary schools in the Berwyn South School District 100, located outside of Chicago, Illinois. The district utilizes 1:1 technology, which led them to become part of the Apple Distinguished Educators (ADE) Program. The goal of Irving Elementary is to provide individualized instruction that challenges students to reach their greatest academic potential. It’s wonderful to see teachers like Ms. Toolan utilizing Skoolbo to accomplish this endeavor.

Irving Elementary School Students

Mrs. Toolan’s Students Playing Skoolbo During Math Centers

Here’s some of the awesome feedback we received from the students in her class:

“I like it because you can play with friends at school, in other classes, and even other schools!”

“It’s cool because I get to do hard stuff that I’ve never done before!”

“It’s fun because you get to learn!”

“I love it because you can do any challenge – pluses, reading, subtracting, and counting!”

“It’s cool because you can go to different categories, and you can change your character, and you can race with other people!”

Thank you, Ms. Toolan, for sharing these enthusiastic testimonials! We love learning how Skoolbo is helping kids around the country.

Congratulations to Grantfork’s 4th Grade Class!

Terri Lurkins’ 4th grade class is one of the Top 200 Skoolbo classes in the United States, and 3rd in the state of Illinois. Her students have answered over 85,000 questions. Way to go!

Grantfork Elementary School

Grantfork Elementary School is one of only two elementary schools in the Highland Community Unit School District No 5, located near St. Louis, Missouri in rural southern Illinois. Their school’s vision is to create a unified learning environment that gives students the Power to Succeed.

Grantfork Elementary School Logo

Ms. Lurkins said the most frequently asked question in her classroom is: “When can we go to the computer lab for Skoolbo?”

Grantfork Elementary School 4th Grade

This is how the students responded when they were told they were ranked #3 in the state of Illinois. Look at all that excitement!

Ms. Lurkins also sent in handwritten responses from her students. Here is what a few of them had to say: Grantfork Like Best 2

Grantfork Improved

Grantfork Favorite Avatar

Grantfork Change About Skoolbo

Congratulations on your Super Class status. Keep up the good work! Grantfork Elementary School Super Class

Skoolbo Ambassadors visit Playa Vista Elementary School

Playa Vista Elementary School, located in the Ballonna Wetlands.

Getting to know Playa Vista Elementary School

Located just minutes from the Los Angeles International Airport and the Pacific Ocean, Playa Vista Elementary School (PVES) embodies a partnership with Loyola Marymount University, the Los Angeles Unified School District, and the local community to create effective teaching strategies, particularly in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The vision of creating a challenging, nurturing environment for young learners allows PVES to be a hub for innovation, research and professional development.

PVES, located in a state-of-the-art platinum LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certified facility, held its grand opening just two years ago and is now home to 450 students. Our LA Skoolbo team, along with Skoolbo Ambassadors Henry Winkler and Dianne Callister, had the privilege of visiting this cutting edge school.

Inspiring the Children

Henry Winkler talks to the students.

Within moments, Henry Winkler captured the eyes and ears of each of the 18 children in Mrs. Albertson’s Kindergarten class. It didn’t take long for him to capture their hearts as well, as Henry encouraged each of them to follow his or her dreams and not let anyone tell them otherwise. He spoke of their brilliance and urged them to have confidence in their ability to think and be creative.

Once Henry mentioned how lucky the children were to have Skoolbo, they were very eager to share their own experiences of Skoolbo and their “favorite thing about Skoolbo”.

“My favorite part is when I win the race, not when I lose.”

“My favorite part is it helps me to learn.”

“My favorite part is keeping the money.”

Playing Skoolbo

The students were so excited when Henry told them that they were going to play Skoolbo and show him how it’s done. They logged in by themselves and were playing learning games in no time. We spent the next 15 minutes interacting with the students as they excitedly shared with us their houses and items that they had bought. The students would proudly announce how many questions they had answered and were very delighted to know that how close they were to getting the superhero suit!

Students celebrate getting first place!

Zippy Shake!

What better way to wrap up the motivational talk and a great session of Skoolbo than a round of Zippy Shake? Or, rather, three or four rounds–the children simply couldn’t get enough! Henry and Dianne joined in as the students got active on the dance floor.

We want to thank Playa Vista Elementary School, Mrs. Albertson and her Kindergarten class for letting us stop by for a visit! We had a great time and we hope to see you all again soon!

Mrs. Albertson’s Kindergarten class with Henry Winkler and Dianne Callister

Introducing… Beverley Manor Elementary School in Staunton, VA!

Beverley Manor Elementary School (BMES) is located in the Shenandoah Valley in Augusta County.  It is the second largest county in VA with 971 sq. miles. The county has a population of 73,912.

Beverley Manor Elementary is located in the Shenandoah Valley.

Beverley Manor Elementary consists of 20 classrooms, Pre-K through 5th grade. The school has 368 students, 32 teachers and 12 teaching assistants.

We are so proud of BMES for maintaining its 3rd place finish in the Skoolbo World Cup Challenge with England with 203,681 points!

Students at Beverley Manor Elementary School give a big thumbs up for Skoolbo!

A big thumbs up from students at Beverley Manor Elementary School!

Here are some words that the school wanted to share about Skoolbo:

Skoolbo has been a great hit at our school since we joined on November 25, 2014. The students were excited during the competition with England. They love to compete.

When asked what the students thought about Skoolbo…

We love Skoolbo.

When I am sick, I am going to stay home and play Skoolbo.

It is cool and easy to win!

Skoolbo is awesome!

Congratulations again for all the hard work each and every one of you put into earning the title of 3rd School Overall in the Skoolbo World Cup Challenge! We look forward to even more great things from the folks at Beverley Manor Elementary!

Mrs. Mullins Presents Her 1st Grade Class

Meet Mrs. Mullins’ 1st grade class from Riverside Elementary School #44 in Indianapolis, Indiana!

My students absolutely love skoolbo! As a teacher, I appreciate the ease in which students can log on to the app. I also like the real-time feedback on my students’ academic progress. Thank you so much for creating an app where my students can learn while playing an engaging video game. Most of my students don’t even realize they are learning important skills!

From a very satisfied teacher,
Melissa Mullins

This wonderful bunch made it to the top 20 schools in the Skoolbo World Cup, answering over 26,000 questions, which was a huge contribution to their school’s amazing accomplishment of being the 4th school overall in the Challenge! Mrs. Mullins’ class is an elite SUPER CLASS with over 70,000 questions answered. Thank you for the feedback, Melissa! We are so proud of your class and we hope that they will continue to have fun and learn much with Skoolbo!

Remember, the deadline for our SUPER CLASS prize package is coming up fast! If you would like for your class to receive a SUPER CLASS package from us, be sure to answer as many questions as possible before Friday December 19th. If your class answers more than 50,000 questions, be on the lookout for a package in the mail!