Introducing… Beverley Manor Elementary School in Staunton, VA!

Beverley Manor Elementary School (BMES) is located in the Shenandoah Valley in Augusta County.  It is the second largest county in VA with 971 sq. miles. The county has a population of 73,912.

Beverley Manor Elementary is located in the Shenandoah Valley.

Beverley Manor Elementary consists of 20 classrooms, Pre-K through 5th grade. The school has 368 students, 32 teachers and 12 teaching assistants.

We are so proud of BMES for maintaining its 3rd place finish in the Skoolbo World Cup Challenge with England with 203,681 points!

Students at Beverley Manor Elementary School give a big thumbs up for Skoolbo!

A big thumbs up from students at Beverley Manor Elementary School!

Here are some words that the school wanted to share about Skoolbo:

Skoolbo has been a great hit at our school since we joined on November 25, 2014. The students were excited during the competition with England. They love to compete.

When asked what the students thought about Skoolbo…

We love Skoolbo.

When I am sick, I am going to stay home and play Skoolbo.

It is cool and easy to win!

Skoolbo is awesome!

Congratulations again for all the hard work each and every one of you put into earning the title of 3rd School Overall in the Skoolbo World Cup Challenge! We look forward to even more great things from the folks at Beverley Manor Elementary!