Become a Skoolbo SuperSchool!


Has your school got what it takes to be a Skoolbo SuperSchool?  Could your students achieve one million answers on Skoolbo?

248 schools have done just that and made it into the Million Club Hall of Fame. With over 50,000 schools playing Skoolbo worldwide, there’s no doubt that this is an elite club, but also one that comes with exclusive member benefits. Our SuperSchools show an average improvement of 34% in literacy and math skills, proving that the more children play, the more they learn!

Every question answered on Skoolbo represents a challenge, the chance to make mistakes, and the opportunity to learn and improve, with a healthy dose of fun thrown in! Just think what rewards a million answers could bring your students…

  • One million learning opportunities!
  • One million challenges overcome!
  • One million smiles!


You’ll need everyone on board, but this is easy! With Skoolbo, learning can happen at home as well as in school. Every answer counts – wherever and however your students access Skoolbo.




Camden Fairview Intermediate, You are one of the MILLION CLUB!

Million Club_833x445
canWe want to welcome Camden Fairview Intermediate to our leader board, where students have answered over 1 MILLION questions. We are proud to have a school like yours in the Million 
Camden Fairview is a public school district based in Camden, Arkansas, United States. They have one central goal: to help students achieving their highest personal potential. At Camden Fairview School, they believe in children, in their potential and their talent. They believe that each child is special, and they pledge to “teach them all.”


The school is focused on student achievement, safety, diversity, and partnerships. Educators are creating an instructional program – innovative, creative, and progressive so that they can best serve the different learning strengths and learning styles of their students. Skoolbo is helping them to improve their students core skills: students learn while they play! Children love Skoolbo so much that they reached the MILLION CLUB answering a total of 1,115,000 questions on Skoolbo at an improvement rate of 40%! BRILLIANT, KIDS!

As the Camden Fairview tradition says: “Our school is preparing tomorrow’s leaders“. Probably that is why their pet is a fighting cardinal who brings fun to all the competition school events! ;D


Students are good ‘learning fighters‘ too. The classes with the most impressive results are Castleberry, Dodds and Gilbert with over 150.000 answers! Certainly, you are making your school proud! CONGRATULATIONS!

Core Values

1. All children can learn and have the right to learn.

2. We should educate the whole child.

3. Numerous, varied opportunities should be provided for all students to learn.

4. Students should see value and purpose in what they are learning.

5. Students learn best when the instruction is challenging, relevant, and achievable.

Go US kids, GO!

Congratulations Irma Dru Hutchison Elementary School


Very welcome to our MILLION CLUB, Irma Dru Hutchison School! We are very pleased to have a school like yours on our leader board!

Hutchison is a School founded by Irma Dru in 1949, Texas. She was an acclaimed teacher nominated for the honor of having Elementary named in her honor.

Hutchison Motto

Good, Better, Best…
Never Let it Rest
Til Your Good is Better.
And Your Better is Best.


Hutchison is a school very involved in community activities and is very active on Social Media! In this school, kids have the opportunity of knowing what it’s like to have a firemen’s job, they have animal encounters, they play theater and they have fun while learning!!

This explains the reason why Irma DruSchool is the TOP 1 school in the Skoolbo Million Club! At present, students at Irma Dru Hutchison Elementary School have answered a total of 3,716,757 questions on Skoolbo at an unbelievable improvement rate of 36%. WELL DONE!!

The classes with the most exceptional results are AKIN, EMMOT, HAMAK and HUDGENS with over 400,000 answers! AMAZING!

We are sure, Hutchison, that you are putting your mission statement to practice. Keep up the great work!


downloadMission Statement

Help all students succeed.
Understand individual differences.
Think exemplary.
Create a caring environment.
Honor the partnership of parents and staff.
Inspire excellence.
Seek community involvement.
Offer challenging opportunities.
Never give up!

P.S. 161: Leading the Way in Technology


P.S. 161’s On the Cutting Edge

Not shying away from the fast-paced technological era that our children are growing up in, P.S. 161 is jumping right in with their very own 3D printer and even a dedicated school app, available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play!

These developments, along with P.S. 161’s resolute passion to nurture healthy, academically gifted students in preparation for their roles as responsible citizens of our world, are a perfect complement to Skoolbo’s dream of literacy and numeracy for all through technology. Just recently, P.S. 161 has entered the illustrious ranks of less than 20 Super Schools who have answered over 1 million questions on Skoolbo. Way to go!

You can find The Crown School right in the heart of Brooklyn, New York.
P.S. 161

A special shout out goes to Carlos Varas, P.S. 161’s talented Technology Manager, for implementing Skoolbo for over 400 students at The Crown School!

Congrats to P.S. 5- 1 Million Answers

Million Club_833x445PS5X_CONTEMPORARY_01

Located in the Bronx, P.S. 5 Port Morris firmly believes that its students are tomorrow’s leaders. The mission statement of the school shows the determination of the community to come together and help students succeed as individuals, celebrating and cultivating their unique skills and talents. Skoolbo comes right alongside this mission, ensuring that each child will have a firm foundation of core skills necessary for success in their future schooling and 5 port morris

Committed to Educational Technology

For years, P.S. 5 has been committed to becoming proficient with the ever-changing technology of today’s world. In 2009, P.S.5X was selected to be a part of the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) initiative, giving each child access to a laptop everyday. This same, steadfast commitment is apparent in P.S. 5’s recent accomplishment of reaching and surpassing the 1 millionth answer mark on Skoolbo! We know that there is much more to come as they achieved this goal well within several months of getting started on the program.

We especially want to recognize Sonia Edwards, P.S. 5’s very own Technology Teacher, whose hard work and dedication has resulted in such amazing achievements from the students at Port Morris!

Keep up the great work, kids!

PS 96 and Legacy Academy Pass the One Million Mark!

Million Club_833x445

We want to extend a hearty congratulations to PS 96 Richard Rodgers and Legacy Academy for becoming Super Schools over the weekend! It’s truly amazing to see such enthusiasm for learning in these children. The schools have answered 1 million questions each!

PS 96 Richard Rodgers | Bronx, NY

PS 96

PS 96 Richard Rodgers, located in the Bronx, is an ethnically diverse community and home to over 800 Skoolbo students. What a fantastic sight, to see so many students and classes learning on Skoolbo each day! The school’s mission to enable students to be independent, self-motivated learners certainly complements Skoolbo’s learning style and we are thrilled to see such progress at PS 96.

Legacy Academy | Elizabeth, CO

legacy wildcats

Legacy Wildcats

Recently, we shared about Legacy Academy’s consistent appearance on our leaderboards, with almost 150,000 questions answered at the time. Less than 2 months later, the 267 students at Legacy Academy have rallied together to answer over 1 Million questions!

It’s no wonder that this school has been able to achieve such an enormous accomplishment as it’s Colorado’s first iSchool. iPads are used on a daily basis in every class to enhance the level of enthusiasm in their learning environment. In addition to individual iPads, students also have access to MacBook Pros, an iMac Computer lab, extremely fast internet, and Legacy’s very own locally hosted “cloud” for teachers and students to collaborate. We are so proud of all the students at Legacy Academy!

Two More Schools Join the Ranks of Super School


It takes a lot to become a Skoolbo Super School–1 million collective answers, that is–but that’s just what both Overbrook Attendance Center (OAC) and South Polk Elementary endeavored to do. Currently, only 4 other schools in America lay claim to the title of Skoolbo Super School.

Overbrook Attendance Center | Overbrook, KS

Overbrook Attendance Center

Overbrook Attendance Center is the pre-K to 2nd grade school for USD #434 Santa Fe Trail, located in the city of Overbrook, approximately 25 miles southeast of Topeka. The OAC faculty’s commitment to nurturing their students’ thirst for knowledge, paired with the support of a vibrant community of parents and others, clearly reflects the students’ outstanding performance on Skoolbo!

We want to give a special shout-out to Overbrook’s Computer Paraprofessional, Cheryl Arwine for bringing technology and education together at OAC. We also want to especially recognize teachers Susan Bernhardt, Roxy Heffner, Chris Giebler, whose classes have answered over 90K questions and Amanda Lattimer and Angie Portlock, whose classes are each well over 150K answers!

South Polk Elementary | Old Fort, TN

South Polk Elementary

Located in the southeast corner of Tennessee, South Polk Elementary is home to the most active students of their state! We applaud the Polk County Schools’ beliefs that

All children can learn.
Learning is a life-long process.
Both mental and physical health are important.
Students need to think both critically and creatively.

These beliefs have propelled 17 classes of South Polk Elementary, each ranging from 30 to 120 K answers, to Super School status!  High praises are due to Amy Hood and Marcia McClary and their Kindergarteners for answering well over 100,000 questions in each of their classes, as well as Tina Davenport, South Polk Elementary’s very own Computer Lab teacher, for setting up and organizing all the classes.

Congratulations to both Overbrook Attendance Center and South Polk Elementary School for their fantastic accomplishment! We here at Skoolbo are committed to our dream of every child learning to read and gaining confidence with numbers and we are so glad to have the support of these two outstanding schools!

Hugh Goodwin Elementary Reaches 1 Million Answers!

Million Club_833x445

Hugh Goodwin Elementary School

Hugh Goodwin Elementary

Located in southern Arkansas, Hugh Goodwin Elementary School is a special place – a public school that seeks out, nurtures, and celebrates the best and brightest in EVERY child. One of four elementary schools in the El Dorado District, they combine daily arts instruction with academic subjects to boost self-confidence and achievement. They are also one of the first schools in the US to reach 1 Million answers. Quite an impressive feat for a school with only 20 classrooms, spanning Kindergarten through 4th Grade.

Overwhelming Success

One class stands out in particular, Mrs. Cupp’s 4th Grade. Not only did this outstanding group of kids take 9th place in the Skoolbo World Cup Challenge, they have successfully answered over 112,000 questions with 94% accuracy. Congratulations!

Hugh Goodwin Elementary Cupp

Other classes with impressive results include Mrs. Richard’s 1st Grade class with 91,860 answers and Mrs. Inman’s 1st Grade class with 81,713 answers.

We couldn’t be more proud of the students at Hugh Goodman and their outstanding teachers. Special kudos goes to Compass Lab teacher, Elaine Manning, for keeping us abreast of everyone’s achievements. Keep up the great work! We can hardly wait to hear about your next milestone.


Kudos to Gentry Primary and Hutchison Elementary as Both Reach a Milestone of 1,000,000 Answers

Congratulations are in order for both Gentry Primary School in Gentry, Arkansas and Irma Dru Hutchison Elementary in Richardson, Texas. These two schools have achieved a monumental 1,000,000 answers to date as their students have enjoyed playing Skoolbo!

Gentry Primary School


Gentry Primary School is located in Benton County in Gentry, AR and is one of 2 elementary schools in the Gentry School District. It is a public school that serves 316 students in grades K-2.

The mission of Gentry Primary School is to work with students, parents and the community to establish a strong foundation for lifelong learning by providing a safe, nurturing, child-centered environment.

Gentry Primary and Hutchison Elementary

Irma Dru Hutchison Elementary School


Irma Dru Hutchison Elementary School is located in Richmond, TX and is one of 22 elementary schools in Lamar CISD. It is a public school that serves 786 students in grades pK-5.

The mission of Irma Dru Hutchinson Elementary is:

Help all students succeed.
Understand individual differences.
Think exemplary.
Create a caring environment.
Honor the partnership of parents and staff.
Inspire excellence.
Seek community involvement.
Offer challenging opportunities.
Never give up!


Thank you to the teachers and students of Gentry Primary and Hutchison Elementary for an outstanding job!  Keep up the great work!

We love hearing what students have to say about Skoolbo.  Do you have a Skoolbo success story you would like to have featured on our blog?  Write to us at and your class could be next.

Awesome Feedback from Irving Elementary School

Shauna Toolan’s 2nd grade students at Irving Elementary School love playing Skoolbo both at school and home! Ms. Toolan uses Skoolbo for reading and math instruction during centers. At night, her students take home their devices and are able to play Skoolbo at home. She reports that the kids really enjoy the competition aspect of the game.

“It’s fun because you get to play against different people from other states and schools.”

Irving Elementary School Map

Irving Elementary School

Irving Elementary School is one of eight elementary schools in the Berwyn South School District 100, located outside of Chicago, Illinois. The district utilizes 1:1 technology, which led them to become part of the Apple Distinguished Educators (ADE) Program. The goal of Irving Elementary is to provide individualized instruction that challenges students to reach their greatest academic potential. It’s wonderful to see teachers like Ms. Toolan utilizing Skoolbo to accomplish this endeavor.

Irving Elementary School Students

Mrs. Toolan’s Students Playing Skoolbo During Math Centers

Here’s some of the awesome feedback we received from the students in her class:

“I like it because you can play with friends at school, in other classes, and even other schools!”

“It’s cool because I get to do hard stuff that I’ve never done before!”

“It’s fun because you get to learn!”

“I love it because you can do any challenge – pluses, reading, subtracting, and counting!”

“It’s cool because you can go to different categories, and you can change your character, and you can race with other people!”

Thank you, Ms. Toolan, for sharing these enthusiastic testimonials! We love learning how Skoolbo is helping kids around the country.