Great Feedback from Buffalo M.S.

Meet Ann Francis’ 5th and 6th grade students from Buffalo Middle School in Buffalo, Missouri!

Ann Francis students 2 Ann Francis students Ann Francis students 4

When we learned her classes were on their way to “Super Class” status, we e-mailed Ms. Francis to learn more about how her students were enjoying the game. Ms. Francis was kind enough to respond with enthusiasm and positive feedback, suggesting a writing assignment for her students to complete.

“My class is so excited to hear from you and I talk about Skoolbo every chance I get in teacher training.  I am so glad to see that Henry Winkler is an Ambassador.”

– Ms. Francis

Here’s what her students had to say about Skoolbo:

What do you like best about playing Skoolbo?

  • I like math. It is about learning things. I can learn about math. It helps me on my math and reading.
  • The part I like the most is the competition part of Skoolbo. It is so fun to play. I like the graphics.
  • It is fun and helps you with school and helps me a lot. I like it because it helps me.
  • The thing I like the most about Skoolbo is you can play games and get e-vehicles.
  • I like the Superheroes the best. I like Skoolbo because it is fun.

What have you improved at since playing Skoolbo?

  • I have improved reading. I have improved on math skills. I got to the superhero level.
  • My math improved playing Skoolbo.
  • I have improved my reading.
  • My math, English and language have improved. Skoolbo has helped me with my math. I improved spelling.

Who’s your favorite Avatar?

  • My favorite is Dr. Weevil.
  • The wizard is my favorite avatar.
  • The professor is my favorite avatar.
  • My favorite avatar is Lottie because she is pretty to me.

Is there anything you would change about Skoolbo?

  • There is not anything I would change.
  • I would like to play more people from different schools.
  • Yes, you should change a world to a zombie world.
  • I would like different shoes and different clothes too.

It’s such a delight to hear from these students about their adventures with Skoolbo. Ann Francis is also an active blogger on her blog, iPad Brainology, sharing her findings on implementing technology into the classroom. We’re always interested in hearing feedback from students, teachers, and parents, so if you’d like to post any pictures or comments, send it our way at!

High Praises of Skoolbo in British Principal’s Review

We love hearing feedback and reviews of Skoolbo from educators, administrators, parents and children!

Recently, Neil Hopkins, a principal and National Leader of Education in Britain, wrote an enthusiastic review of Skoolbo, deeming it the “best educational app in and for the world”! Not only does he speak highly of Skoolbo’s visual appeal, child safety policy, and sophisticated algorithm, but his 6-year-old son gives an video introduction of the game as well! You will see that the “60-second learning sprint” in which the child is completely focused on learning one skill for 60-seconds is clearly demonstrated by Neil’s son as he becomes completely engrossed in the game!

Here are some excerpts from the review:

“I have seen a lot of educational apps which are either not very educational or are just a money spinning venture. Many of them are quite disheartening in their commercialisation and monetisation of learning […] However, this app is free!”

“My 6 year old son is absolutely captivated by the game. He loves that he can play a game which has all the features of other games he plays, whilst knowing that he is consolidating his learning. I am quite captivated by it too, to tell the truth. I think that every school should sign up to it.”

Click here to read the review for yourself and to hear what Neil and his son have to say about Skoolbo!

Yet Another Glowing Review from a Fellow Educator

See what Dion Norman, a fellow educator for over 14 years specializing in EdTech and blog author of ICT for Educators, has to say about Skoolbo!

Upon meeting Shane two years ago at the ICLT conference in Singapore, Mr. Norman was impressed by Skoolbo and wrote a great review of the software. Here are some snippets from his article:

“…it is one of the best children’s educational game apps I have seen so far available for tablets.”

“I think that children, parents and teachers will love it for its beautiful graphics, fun game-play and educational value. The fact that it is free won’t hurt either.”

And this is before our new and improved Skoolbo Common Core version was even released! Click the link below to read his full review–note: any information about versions or pricing does not apply to our newest version in the US, Skoolbo Common Core. 

We love hearing feedback and reviews from educators, parents and children so send them our way!

Skoolbo Core Skills Receives Prestigious 5 Star EAS Certification

Skoolbo’s pilot program, Skoolbo Core Skills, has pulled in the prestigious 5 Star EAS Certification and EAS Recommended Status from the Educational App Store.

After a thorough review process by The Educational App Store’s community of teachers, in which the app was tested against a set of pedagogical criteria and academic research, this is what the EAS had to say about Skoolbo:

“Skoolbo Core Skills has to be one of the best apps that we have come across so far.”

“Kids will love it and teachers will love that the kids love it so much.”

“When you consider that this gem of an app is free, well- best not to bother reading on… what are you waiting for to download this app!?”

We are thrilled that Skoolbo Core Skills has received this prestigious recognition, and cannot wait for the roll-out of our new and improved app, Skoolbo Common Core, specially designed to align with and complement Common Core Standards. We like to think of it as “Common Core and MORE!”

Keep checking in at the Skoolbo blog for the latest information on the launch of our new app, Skoolbo Common Core!