Skoolbo is in Mexico – the 1st School is off to a Hot Start!

Many exciting developments are underway with our neighbors to the south. We are excited to announce that the very FIRST Mexican school has joined Skoolbo! We’d like to extend a warm welcome to the students and faculty of UPAP School!


Students at UPAP hard at work on their own personal tablets.

UPAP is located in the municipality of Jocotitlán, in the northwestern part of the State of Mexico.

The Spanish acronym UPAP stands for “The Alejo Peralta Educational Unit”. This educational institution was established in the 1960’s by industrial pioneer Alejo Peralta. It was his mission to support the children of the growing industrial community by providing an integral education – including preschool, elementary, junior high, high school, and even technical trade school – at no cost to the families.


The school’s facilities include: ample green areas, civic area, auditorium, library, medical and dental service, three computer labs, machining, lathe, and drawing shop, athletic fields, vegetable garden, kitchen, and showers.


Solar panels on the school grounds help meet UPAP’s energy needs while teaching the students about environmental responsibility!

Special Announcement!

Skoolbo is so honored with this opportunity to support UPAP’s mission of providing free education to the community by working closely with the highly qualified educators there to develop a Mexican specific version of Skoolbo in the near future!

Mexico2 (1)

Sneak peak of Skoolbo Mexico!

Skoolbo’s COO Colin Brown had the pleasure of visiting UPAP in person last week and meeting with Agustin Paulin, an ed-tech expert who is revolutionizing education in Mexico through the use of technology.

Skoolbo COO Colin Brown checking in on a classroom!

This dynamic duo visited students in classrooms, energizing and encouraging the kids to reach some incredible numbers in just days. During this trip, Colin also received incredible feedback and ideas from Agustin and his team of educators. Our own development team will have many exciting things to work on for the upcoming Mexican version of Skoolbo.

Until the Mexican specific version is released however, the students at UPAP will continue to use the US version of Skoolbo with English as the target language. Answering questions in their second language has not held these kids back from success.. in fact, the students at UPAP have gotten off to a FIERY start! Both classes at UPAP have climbed their way to the very top of all classes on the US Leaderboard!

#1 – Class 5A!! #2 – Class 6A!!!

UPAP is #11 on the All US Schools Leaderboard!

UPAP among the ranks of some of Skoolbo USA’s consistent top-performing schools, with only THREE active classes! #11 and climbing.

The feedback from the children has been fantastic. The kids love Skoolbo and use it as often as they can, which is pretty often since they each have their own tablets!


“We organized a competition between the three classes. The number of answers tripled that day. In fact, UPAP school made it to the top 35 schools in the Leaderboard.”  – Agustin Paulin


“It was an amazing experience to travel to Mexico and meet with the students and teachers of UPAP. Skoolbo is very fortunate to have found an educational institution whose philosophy and passion toward education are so in tune with our own. We look forward to building on this experience with UPAP and working together with Mr. Paulin to bring Skoolbo to all children in Mexico.” -Colin Brown

Skoolbo could not have chosen a better school to launch the expansion of Skoolbo into Mexico. Stay tuned for updates on other new developments and Skoolbo’s international expansions!