Day 3 of #NYvsLondon- Can New York Pull off Greatest Comeback of all Time!?

An incredible collective effort on Day 3 of the #NYvsLondon Challenge as these young students have already answered more than 789,000 questions, and counting! At this fierce pace, it is no doubt that the 1 million mark will be reached, it’s only a question of when!?



Staying consistent, the Londoners have a surmountable lead over the New Yorkers, at nearly 600,000 questions answered to New York’s just under 200,000 answers. New York will have the chance to close the gap once the students in London turn out the lights for the night- but is the gap too big to overcome? Could the spirited students of New York pull off the greatest come back in history?!

newspaper (1)

Just think NYers, that could be Friday’s headline! …And if you aren’t familiar with the Reggie Miller comeback reference, check this out for some inspiration!


Speaking of inspiration, a solo student at PS 175 Henry H Garnet is leading all NY classes, with his points alone! A big pat on the back to U.W.- who also happens to be the #4 overall student on the leader board, battling back and forth for 3rd place.


1 student in class 501 at PS 175 answering enough questions to be the 19th overall class!

1 student in class 501 at PS 175 answering enough questions to be the 19th overall class

New York schools are also beginning to make a stronger presence in the school’s leader board, now holding 8 of the Top 20 Schools! PS 96 Richard Rogers has the top NY school locked in with nearly 60,000 answers… WOW! Check and see if your school made the cut:

top 20 leaderboard ny vs london


Whether or  not New York pulls off the greatest comeback of all time, the efforts seen on both sides have been amazing to witness and the teams at Skoolbo are proud of you all. Keep up the great learning kids, and most importantly, have fun!

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Day 2 and New York Needs to Rally!

We’re only halfway through day 2 of the Challenge and the amazing students of New York and London are already nearing half a million answers!

totalizer ny vs london


As you can see London has built up a very strong lead, but it is still early in the Challenge and we know the determined students in NY cannot be counted out yet.

Many of our usual high performers are doing their part and making appearances high up on the leader board; special shout out to PS 96 Richard Rogers who is currently holding 4 of the top 5 places for all NY classes; well done kids! They are also 3rd overall for all schools in the challenge. We would also like to send a big welcome to the students at Highgate Heights from Buffalo, NY, a newcomer on the Skoolbo leader boards whose Class 209 is currently supporting Team NY with the second highest total answers of all NY classes! classes


Londoners have a 5 hour head start on the students in NY, which just means we have the opportunity to gain on them later in the day and in the evening! Make sure your students know their usernames and how to log in at home. 20 minutes per student after school can really put a dent in the massive lead London is currently enjoying, it’s not too late to make a come back!

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New York! Your City Needs Your Help!



The New York vs London challenge is underway and NY is falling behind!

New York needs your students to get on to Skoolbo and boost New York’s numbers. Remind your kids that they can play at home – here is a printout you can use to send home

We know it is a difficult time of year and you are getting ready for the summer break – but we also don’t want London to beat us!

Help team NY!

 Follow the challenge on twitter with the #NYvsLondon hashtag

View the LIVE scoreboard

figures nyvslon


Mayor of London Boris Johnson Supports Skoolbo’s New York vs London Challenge!


The countdown is on for the New York vs London Challenge! 

-886Days -22Hours -46Mins -3Secs

Follow the challenge on Twitter by using the #NYvsLondon hashtag!

Students from London to New York are warming up for the New York vs London Schools Challenge. Who will answer the most literacy, numeracy and language questions on Skoolbo over the 5 day period?  Skoolbo US is firmly behind Team New York and with a week left to go, we need to make sure that every New York school, class and student is ready to represent their city from the 15th – 19th June. 

New York has a famous ability to rally support when it’s needed and you can really make a difference by inviting your friends and colleagues to join in.  We’ve taken a sneaky look at how many London schools are taking part. Their numbers are looking good so we need to make sure New York is ready to respond!

London Mayor Boris Johnson threw his hat into the ring by declaring his support for the challenge. Let’s roll up our sleeves, New York, and show them what we’re made of!



Are you ready? Make sure you register your school and class in time for the #NYvsLondon Challenge