Camden Fairview Intermediate, You are one of the MILLION CLUB!

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canWe want to welcome Camden Fairview Intermediate to our leader board, where students have answered over 1 MILLION questions. We are proud to have a school like yours in the Million 
Camden Fairview is a public school district based in Camden, Arkansas, United States. They have one central goal: to help students achieving their highest personal potential. At Camden Fairview School, they believe in children, in their potential and their talent. They believe that each child is special, and they pledge to “teach them all.”


The school is focused on student achievement, safety, diversity, and partnerships. Educators are creating an instructional program – innovative, creative, and progressive so that they can best serve the different learning strengths and learning styles of their students. Skoolbo is helping them to improve their students core skills: students learn while they play! Children love Skoolbo so much that they reached the MILLION CLUB answering a total of 1,115,000 questions on Skoolbo at an improvement rate of 40%! BRILLIANT, KIDS!

As the Camden Fairview tradition says: “Our school is preparing tomorrow’s leaders“. Probably that is why their pet is a fighting cardinal who brings fun to all the competition school events! ;D


Students are good ‘learning fighters‘ too. The classes with the most impressive results are Castleberry, Dodds and Gilbert with over 150.000 answers! Certainly, you are making your school proud! CONGRATULATIONS!

Core Values

1. All children can learn and have the right to learn.

2. We should educate the whole child.

3. Numerous, varied opportunities should be provided for all students to learn.

4. Students should see value and purpose in what they are learning.

5. Students learn best when the instruction is challenging, relevant, and achievable.

Go US kids, GO!