Beat Summer Learning Loss: How to make it a Summer Learning Glide!

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Turn the infamous “summer slide” into a glide!

While summer vacations provide many opportunities for enjoyment, children who are not exposed to educational activities during this time can lose an average of two to three months of their previous learning gains. These losses often accumulate over the years and eventually result in students who perform well below their expected grade level.

What if you can not only prevent this from happening but also ensure that your students begin the new school year having actually made progress over the summer break?

What if this monumental change requires just 30 seconds of your time and is free?

Well, here’s some good news! The end of the school year is the perfect time to set them a ClassBo class challenge . A couple of clicks in your teacher dashboard and you’re ready to go!  Challenge your class to collectively answer 5K, 25K or 100K questions correctly – the choice is yours! It’s a fantastic way to keep your students motivated and learning all summer long.

Every child will be able to play against their friends and Skoolbo’s sophisticated algorithms mean that even though the children compete against their peers, they are still presented with their own personal curriculum, adapted precisely for them.

The teachers at New Jersey’s PS20 know all about the benefits of bringing Skoolbo’s infectious game-based learning into their school.



Set your class a ClassBo today and say goodbye to summer learning loss!

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